Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men


By Honey Good. "Everyday is Valentine’s Day!” says my husband, Shelly Good. I smile to myself and know he is right. Saying I love you 364 days of the year acknowledges our love for one another. Valentine’s Day is the frosting on the cake! Our feminine mystique compels us to love gift giving and gift getting. It's not always easy to find the right Valentine's Day gifts for men, but here are a few of my suggestions for Venus (women) to give to Mars (men.)

Valentine’s Day gifts I have given Shelly:

  • A credit card case. This one happened to be made by Ralph Lauren and I made this present romantic by placing a folded $2.00 bill inside with a personal note written on the bill. I also included the year. You can purchase them at the bank.
  • A tie. But not just any old tie, a Hermes tie. Hermes makes ties with designs that provoke a memory and makes the present an “I love you gift.” On separate Valentine's Days I gave Shelly a tie with Lions (on the card I wrote: You are the King of my Jungle.) The other one had Palm Trees as a memory of a time we spent together in Hawaii.
  • A paperweight. Clever and beautiful paperweights are useful and can be meaningful. You can find them with a meaningful saying or a wonderful design that expresses your love. I purchased one that has many beautiful shades of orange with cigars in brown. Now, I do not like cigars but knew my guy would love this gift.
  • A bike. I had one and now he has one and now we ride “together.” Think of things you can do together. For a lot of men, they value time over gifts, so think of activities you can do together and that will make it all that much more special.
  • Myself. As I told you, Shelly says every day is Valentine’s Day. So I try to make everyday a nice one for my husband!

You know your guy. Think about what might make his heart go pitter-patter. And then go get it! It is great feeling and fun to search for that perfect gift for the one you love.

Warmly, Honey