Tips for Keeping Tights and Shoes Looking Good


As you know, panty hose, tights and shoes are very expensive and very important accessories in a woman’s life. Over the years, I have learned lots of tricks on how to take care and preserve my shoes and tights, so I hope these help! Your tights will last longer if you:

  • Wash them before they are ever worn. Wrap them in plastic wrap and freeze for twenty-four hours, let them thaw and dry in the wrap.
  • Wash them by hand in cold water with a mild dishwashing soap
  • I wash my hose in a mesh bag in my washing machine on gentle cycle.

Drying your tights in a hurry:

  • Lay your stockings flat on a towel, roll, wring out, unroll and hang.

How to stop a run:

  • Use your fingernail polish and paint over immediately.

How to preserve your shoes for years:

  • A good shoemaker is your shoe’s and your pocketbook’s best friend. Once a year I go through my shoe wardrobe, look for any wear and tear, gather up my shoes and off to the shoemaker we go. I also look over my handbags.
  • I have the soles and heels repaired on all my shoes that need repair yearly. This saves my shoes for years.
  • I wear black boots daily in the fall and winter and never miss a shoeshine in the airport! They give the best shine!
  • If you want to clean your own shoes and handbags, do the following:
    • I read that you can use sudsy soap on all synthetic handbags and shoes. Rinse  them and dry thoroughly.
    • You can polish your shoes with a lemon rind and buff with a soft cloth.
    • I don’t know if I would try this one…polish your white shoes with toothpaste  then buff with a soft cloth.

For young moms reading this article, I suggest that you use sandpaper on your little one’s new shoes soles so they are less slippery. If your children’s shoes including tennis shoes get wet, pop them in a warm oven for a few minutes!

Warmly, Honey