Tips to Feeling and Looking Good Again After Baby


Having a baby is a wonderful and momentous experience, and you are happily devoting your days to caring for this amazing little being. While your baby is the most gorgeous thing you have ever laid eyes on, when you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, you might not be as enchanted. If you're dreaming about getting your pre-pregnancy mojo back, the following tips can help you reclaim your sass, style and yes—your sexiness:

Take Care of Yourself

It's easy to neglect your well-being during this time, but don't—it can be the difference between feeling haggard and healthy. This is true whether you have recently given birth or have adopted a new baby.

Give yourself a break from your baby every day. Your partner needs alone time with the baby too, and you can use this time to go for a short walk, soak in the tub or do your nails. Sally Hansen makes a one-coat quick-dry polish we like. Eat as healthy as possible; it's tempting to hit the drive-thru for lunch, but stock and snack on pre-washed-and-cut fruits and veggies for quick snacks.

No doubt your sleep schedule is off-kilter, too. Follow the old adage, “Sleep when your baby sleeps.” Sure, the dishes might stay in the sink for a bit longer, but your body will thank you for it.

Treat Yourself

After months in maternity clothes, you deserve a shopping spree. Consider purchasing a few go-to pieces that are comfy on your post-partum body—for example, a loose-fitting sundress or capris with an elastic waistband—and then jazz up your look with some colorful scarves, fun pieces of jewelry and maybe a new snazzy pair of walking shoes.

And think about treating yourself to some new undies. After months in those hideous all-cotton drawers, it will be fun to shop for something racy.

Choose Multi-Tasking Beauty Products

Take the time to hop in the shower every day and give your hair a good shampoo. Apply some lip gloss and mascara and try a simple hair style. To save time, choose health and beauty items that can do more than one task at once. Lots of products will help busy moms multitask while helping them to look good, maybe try a two in one shampoo/conditioner. Once you are out of the shower, Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes not only covers dark circles that are common in new moms, but it also helps to reduce puffiness and contains a high level of SPF.