Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy


My responsibility as the owner of my dog is to make her heart sing! I do this with the utmost care and devotion. Orchid is our furry family member. She is a seven years old, forty-pound Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier that became part of our family when she was just seven weeks old. I am her mother, her girlfriend and protector all rolled into one. In return, she provides me with licks and affection! Providing for my pet’s happiness requires me to orchestrate her medical care, love her to bits with lots of kissing, patting, long walks and a healthy nutritional diet. I want to share my routine with you. In return, you can teach your children and grandchildren how to care for their pets.

Five "Musts" for Proper Dog Care: 

  1. Spring into spring with exercise. Get into shape together. Get into a routine. Take long walks with your pet. In cold or rainy weather, if you have a treadmill put your pet on a treadmill. I do.
  2. Nutritional Bites for my dog. Orchid’s diet consists of “grain free kibbles.” She is fed at the same time, twice a day, and I measure her food. She does not like any variety or brand of kibbles so I doctor her food with string cheese, a few cut up treats, a freeze dried food patty or boiled chicken pieces. If she is not feeling well I give Orchid boiled chicken and rice.
  3. Brushing a dog’s teeth. I don’t brush Orchid’s teeth, but I do take her to the vet to have her teeth cleaned of all tartar deposits three times a year. Good gum hygiene provides our pets with good health. Do not allow your dog to be put under anesthetic for teeth and gum cleaning.
  4. Keep up your pet’s data and shots. Have a pet identification chip placed under your dog’s skin. Use a veterinarian clinic that sends out routine cards for your pet’s shots and check-ups.
  5. Gear up and take your pet with you. We take Orchid with us as often as possible. I have dog boots for cold weather, a dog life jacket for the pool or beach, a reflective collar for my pet for night walks, a collapsible water container for my pooch when we go on our long walks.