Tips on Trick-or-Treating Safely


Halloween is something every child should experience and enjoy. However, with all the new advances in technology, food, chemicals, etc, Trick-or-Treating can be a little iffy sometimes. So here are a few tips to remember to make sure you are Trick-or-Treating safely this year.

  1. Eat up. Make sure your children eat a full meal before they go out trick or treating. Not only will it give them the energy to go house to house, but it’ll save you from carrying them home after Trick-or-Treating is finished. This will also prevent them from filling up on loads of candy because they are hungry.
  2. Check all candy. Always make sure to go through your child’s candy before allowing them to eat anything. Parents are already used to the routine of quickly sifting through bags full of candy and making sure all candy is wrapped and sealed before allowing their child to eat them. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in popularity with edible candies laced with things like THC which are posing a threat to children’s safety. These types of edibles look identical to regular candy and will most likely have "normal" packaging, making it easier to miss when implementing candy patrol. If you are ever in question, make sure to read the label. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. When in doubt – trash it. Use your judgement, but don't be afraid to be proactive and inform your kids of the potential dangers out there. There isn’t anything wrong with letting them know that something that may look like candy, may not always be candy!
  3. Let your children enjoy Halloween. Candy isn’t the healthiest food in the world but Halloween comes once a year and is a time that every child should have the “right” to indulge just a little. Many parents today avoid all types of sugary treats. I would absolutely agree every other day of the year. One day’s indulgence doesn’t counter a year’s worth of healthy eating. Did your parents ban Halloween candy? Probably not and I’m imagining you turned out just fine.

Teach your kids to avoid all the tricks and so they can enjoy all the treats, and make it a great Halloween for the entire family!