To See or To Do?


By Honey Good. The eyes have it! They are the windows to the world. Our children and our grandchildren not only listen, they observe. We know they observe their parents, their siblings, their peers and the world around them.

They observe our actions. Our actions rub off on them without our saying a word. Watching grandma or mom give a warm hello to people teaches them the value of friendliness. When we are on time to pick them up from school, they feel happy not having to wait for us and learn the importance of punctuality. Watching us help a person in need teaches our children and grandchildren empathy. No words. Our actions. Their observations.

Now I am thinking of other things we can do that they can observe. They can observe us as problem solvers, team players, hard workers, good communicators and most important positive in our attitude.

Our positive attitude of climbing the hill of life with determination and true grit can be one of the most important legacies we leave them.

So think of this whenever you are around young minds that you may have the opportunity to influence and make sure that your actions are reflecting the values you want your children and grandchildren to mirror!

Warmly, Honey