True Gifts From Grandmothers to Grandchildren

By: Honey Good

Thinking back in time, as I watch the bright early morning sun rise slowly in the East over my freshly brewed cup of coffee, I asked myself this question. What is my primary responsibility as a grandmother (Honey) to my Grands?

My first Grand was born twenty-six years ago so I do not have to ponder over my own question. I became Honey to my first grandson when I was in my early forties, and happily, nineteen more followed!

I am a ‘grandmother of mental gifts.’ I teach my Grands my values and wisdom.

For all the darling Grams and Grams-to-be, here are my thoughts on this topic.


Some of my Honey–Do’s! I don’t verbalize! Instead, I show them through my actions! Therefore, I often teach my Grands through visualization. My actions often speak louder than my words; always making certain my actions will cause positive reactions.  


  • My laughter teaches them to see the glass half full.
  • My inquisitiveness teaches them to explore life.
  • My problem solving shows them that ’where there is a will, there is a way’.
  • My hugs and millions of kisses teach them love and empathy for others.
  • My helping others shows them compassion and sharing.
  • My giving time and monies shows them charity.
  • My problem solving teaches them never to give up


HONEY SAYS: Make lemonade out of lemons! See the glass half full!

  1. Family first! All of life is relationship driven and it begins in the family.
  2. Don’t expect others to do for you. Expect to do it yourself.
  3. Happiness is not there for the taking. It is created.
  4. Value yourself and others will value you. The key to personal happiness.
  5. Live outside the box! Everything is possible.
  6. Take the high road. Do the right thing even if it is not easy or popular.
  7. It is all about Love. Show your loving ways to others.

These mental gifts are a priority with my Grands. It would take volumes to tell you all the little things I say and do, that teach, and hopefully, will touch a positive nerve. In my heart of hearts I believe a little signal will flash into their mind when confronted with life’s trials and they will think to themselves: Honey did that or Honey said that. And, they will pick themselves up and start all over again.

I often think about my remarkable grandmothers. They were extremely important role models in my life. One mental gift they bestowed upon me: the importance of our role as a grandmother. I am Honey Good and…I get it!

Do something GOOD today: Be the grandmother of mental gifts.

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