Understanding the “Value of Self”


Ladies, this is a very important topic to discuss with our children and to remember ourselves: the “value of self.” We should share this concept with children at a young age so they can grow into who they really want to be. What made me think of this topic? Downton Abbey.

There was a line in the show that caught my husband, Shelly, and I off guard. The very old dowager grandmother was walking arm and arm with another older family member and in the course of conversation said, “I do not like many of my friends.” What irony! Think about the statement. The line made me smile and seriously think about her comment. It kept rolling around in my head for the next few days, and I even mentioned it to my grandchildren, because what she said is a profound statement. She went through several years of her life not being true to the “value of self.”

This is what I discussed with my grandchildren. I told them to be mindful of whom they are. That they should ask “Who am I? What makes me happy? What makes me sad? What type of people do I enjoy laughing with and learning from? What are my opinions? What are my likes and dislikes?”

Write down your list and be proud of it. Now, and this is the hard part: commit yourself to being you. You will be happy and come from strength because you will have taught yourself and disciplined yourself to value you!

I never thought one line in a movie would leave such an impact on me and hopefully on my grandchildren. Go through the day and really value yourself and encourage others to value themselves as well!