Memories: My Special Vintage Heirlooms


“May your home be filled withvintage pieces that makes you the happiest!” -Honey Good

When I walk through my home, gazing at my spectacular vintage heirlooms that were gifted to me by those I love, I cannot help but smile at the memories.

Have you filled your storage room or basement with vintage pieces that you never thought of displaying? Are they collecting dust, looming before your eyes, and going unnoticed?  Ask yourself where and how you might display them, or which member of your family will feel fulfilled and joyful to receive them. Tell a story behind each piece to your children and grandchildren. Don’t forget to make your story spectacular! Although material possessions, they are part of your family history and your loved ones will remember the story behind them.

I want to share with my Honey Good community my favorite family heirlooms! These heirlooms are from my mother, my grandmother, and my great aunt.

My Mother’s Coffee and Tea Service Set: 


My grandmother gave this coffee and tea service set to my mother as a wedding gift. It is over sixty years old and gorgeous! I visualize sitting at our buffet in the dining room of my childhood home. The history of the coffee and tea service flashes through my mind. It was hand made in Sheffield, England and began its long journey to my mother’s first home. Since then, it has traveled with me, living in my homes (from Honolulu to Chicago). Each day as I pass this magnificent revered handcrafted gift, I think of my mom and my grandmother: two beautiful women who set the bar for me to follow.

My Grandmother’s Ivory Music Box: 


My grandmother’s ivory music box is a musical treasure. It’s first home was in my grandmother’s bedroom and now is in mine! It is a beautiful keepsake. It still plays music and now holds a few of my little treasures. I have a glass candy kiss from one of my daughters, a saying from a fortune cookie, a stone from a special girlfriend, an art piece my daughter made for me at age seven, a tiny hippopotamus from Africa given to me by my husband that has a personal story behind it, and a picture of me as a little girl my late husband carried in his wallet. I think of my grandmother as I view her music box, seeing her in the kitchen making her delicious homemade matzo-ball soup and I remember her teaching me spelling words with patience. I can hear her gregarious laugh in my mind throughout her home and telling me how much she loved me.


My Grandmother’s Samovar: 


A Samovar is a highly decorated tea urn from Russia. After my grandmother’s death I saw it sitting on her table and was taken by it. I just knew this piece belonged to me. I have never used it. But, I love it! It sits on my buffet on the east side of our home. As the sun rises over Lake Michigan in the early morning hours her rays bounce off the Samovar and it glistens in its beauty. It has traveled from home to home with me. It is always beautifully polished and is a vintage piece that I will give to one of my daughters one day in the far off future!

My Aunt’s silver cocktail plates:

I love these plates and use them often when serving family and friends. They sit on my tea service tray.  I am so taken by their beauty. Who has silver cocktail plates in today’s modern world? Because they are small I pack them up when we move to California for the winter and bring them back with me to Chicago for the summer and fall.

For those of you with second homes, think about taking some of your treasures with you! 

 I hope you become more interested in searching through your home for your hidden vintage heirlooms. They will provide you with a new found joy. If you feel your home is filled with enough, consider giving an heirloom to a daughter or son.