Walking vs Running, What’s a Gal To Do?

By: Jordan Elizabeth

Although we all may not want to admit it, most women - of all ages - are continually looking for ways to be healthier and perhaps lose that 5lbs (especially in time for summer!) The only saddle bags we want to be carrying around in a swimming suit are the ones full of towels and snacks for the beach!

You hear different arguments for the reasons why running is the best way to lose weight versus the reasons why walking is actually better.

Running, according to a study done in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, the participants over 55 who ran had a lower Body Mass Index and waist size than those who walked. Basically, the overall accepted idea is that yes, running is the best thing for weight-loss. But it can also be hard on your body, especially once you’re over 30.

Walking is easier on the joints, and when you walk a couple of times a day, your metabolism stays higher throughout the day than if you just work out hard for an hour then sit on the couch eating macaroons for the rest of the day. I also find that when I’m active throughout the day (a workout in the morning, running errands, taking the pooches out for a walk), one makes better eating choices and avoinds binge eating (who wants another bagel?) Some days we just want to wear workout clothes all day giving us a sense of accomplishment. Whatever works!

The bottom line is, doing any exercise at all, is obviously better than sitting at home deciding whether you like a Bay Breeze or a Sea Breeze best. Don’t feel bad if running isn’t your style or it’s too hard on your joints. No judgement. Just get out there and get moving. Really, that’s half the battle!

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