Welcome Aboard MS Savor with Tauck Tours


“We handle all the details for you, freeing you to savor incredible, life-changing experiences.”-Tauck Tours

This is the first trip for both my husband and I on a river cruise vessel. As we walked onto The MS Savor we were awe struck by the ship’s beauty. It is drop dead gorgeous -- and brand new, having been launched this summer. “And why not,” I thought to myself, “Tauck Tours, founded in 1925, is known for its first class service in all areas.”

Tauck offers 100 journeys to 70 countries on all seven continents. They specialize in enriching and engaging ways to show you the world with stimulating itineraries, informed and very scholarly guides and extraordinary accommodations.

As my husband and I walked to our stateroom I had my fingers crossed that our home away from home would be everything we hoped for as we traveled on the Danube River from Austria to Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bavaria and Germany.

We have been onboard for four days and I can truly recommend Tauck Tours.

Welcome Aboard MS Savor


The MS Savor staterooms are gorgeous with ample living space. Two sets of sliding glass doors cross the expanse of the suite allowing in the sunshine and the scenic views of the countryside. The bath is large and state of the art. A mini bar, safe, ideal outlets for laptops, phones and cameras, free WiFi and hair appliances compliment the stateroom. The best news is the size of our closet. It is a walk-in with shelves, drawers and a long bar for hanging clothing. Cha-ching!


Dining is a treat. Delicious meals are served, beautifully plated with polite and helpful wait staff.

Tauck Tours are extremely well planned. Our guides are subject matter experts. All guests carry around their neck a communication box with an attached earphone that slides easily on our ear. It is so state of the art that I can be a block away or in another room and here our guide’s lecture. Our journey provides great all-inclusive value.


The guests of the MS Savor are well traveled, mostly American, but there are also guests from Europe, Australia and Japan. I met the Consul General of Ireland and his wife who live in Brussels representing the Irish. His comment made my heart sing as he told me, “We only travel with Americans because they are so open and friendly.”

Our itinerary is as follows:

  • Vienna, Austria: The Ritz Carlton - 3 days.
  • Bratislava, Slovakia: MS Savor - 1 day
  • Gottweig or Durnstein: MS Savor -1 day
  • Wachau Valley/Grain: MS Savor
  • Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic: MS Savor - 1 day
  • Historic Passau/Cruising the Danube: MS Savor - 1 day
  • Nurnberg or Regensburg: MS Savor - 1 day

I will savor our trip with Tauck Tours. After we disembark, Shelly and I are going to spend time in Munich and then Paris. I am looking forward to spending time alone with my husband on the last part of our trip but I will tell you, I have met probably seventy grandmothers on the ship and they are all going to read Honey Good! I am smiling.