What Did You Do Today?


Sometimes we forget all the different ways people show love. Sometimes we forget that just listening or asking questions is a way to show you care. My husband is semi-retired but does not have a semi-retiring personality, especially when it comes to me. He asks me a thousand questions a day: “Where have you been all day? Who did you talk to today? Where are we going tonight? Sound familiar?” It used to be the opposite. I’d ask him: “What did you do today? Who did you talk to today? What are our plans for the week?” Sound familiar? Ha, how the roles have changed! I am so busy I’m dizzy, but he’s so content he is in heaven – not literally.

The other day I was relaxing at home and I got a call from my husband. “What are you doing right now?” I answer, “I just finished writing a blog and now I am brushing Orchid.” “Why don’t you meet me in the park” he asks.

“Oh God,” I say to myself. That is not what I wanted to do…

"Of course I’ll come down” I answer. Why? Because, I love my husband. So I met my semi-retired husband and brought my dog, Orchid. While it was not exactly what I wanted to be doing at that moment, I took a step back to take in the moment. I looked at my husband and was overwhelmed with gratitude. He loves me and just wanted to spend time with me. He is genuinely interested in what I do. I’m lucky he asks where I’ve been all day. Not everyone communicates as well and it’s a good reminder to appreciate these forms of affection.

Life is good. Love is above all else. If you haven’t told the people you love today that you love them, take this opportunity to do so. It’s such a blessing.