What NOT To Do When Searching for Jobs

Job Hunt

By Brynne Ramella. The holidays can be stressful enough - try adding searching for a job to that pressure. Anyone searching for a job right now knows how daunting this task can be. Most advice you will be given is on what you should be doing during this process. But knowing what not to do during the job hunt is just as important!

  1. Don't send in a resume without proofreading it. This is a big one. What employer would hire an employee who doesn't double check his or her work? It's a great idea to have a friend read over your resume before you submit it. A fresh set of eyes are more likely to pick out any mistakes.
  2. Don't become discouraged. Sending in resume after resume with no positive results is pretty frustrating. But if you're feeling down about the job hunt, this might show when you're writing cover letters. It's important to find something that keeps your spirits up during this process. Find a new hobby, reconnect with friends or start working out more. That way, you won't even have time to be depressed about the job hunt.
  3. Don't jeopardize your current position. If you're thinking of leaving your current job, you should keep it to yourself. If your boss gets wind of it, he or she could fire you before you give your two weeks notice. It looks far better to leave a job on your own terms.
  4. Don't underestimate networking. You may be the most qualified person in the world, but sometimes, it's all about who you know. Many job openings get an influx of applications every day. Employers may not even read every application. So, take advantage of networking events. You could meet a person who can push your resume to the top of the pile.
  5. Don't forget to keep all points of contact professional. When an employer is interested in you, he or she will start looking you up. If you active are on social media, present yourself how you want employers to see you. Add a professional signature to your email. Be sure your voicemail is set up. And perhaps most importantly - make sure you have an updated LinkedIn profile!

Good luck to those of you searching for work! Be sure to share your success stories with us!