Why Women Should Pamper Themselves


By Honey Good. I really don’t pamper myself, but I should. Every woman, the entire “sisterhood of women,” deserves to take time for themself. It’s important. It’s healthy. It’s nourishing. It’s just that…

I am so caught up with my involvements. My husband, Shelly and dog, Orchid are… priorities one and two. My connection to my large blended family, my charities, our homes, HoneyGood.com, a large social life and my list goes on. I have so much going on in my life that I have left little time for myself! Obviously I have not missed it… until now!

I am not alone. Women multi-task. Good for us! I like this quote by Stephanie Perkins, “Is it possible for a home to be a person and not a place.” I am a believer in being all that I can. You should, too. It just takes so much time. It takes time working for charities, not just writing a check. It takes time to run to my flower shop to make our home lovely. It takes my time to shop at the market to fill up our refrigerator. It takes my time to write my daily blog. It takes time to nurture my delicious blended family. And my list goes on and on.

Don’t get me wrong - I don’t totally neglect myself; I work out with my trainer and my physical therapist for my still ailing, though healed, broken ankle. I enjoy my weekly plain manicures. No fills for me. But I am feeling out of sync with my feminine personal desires.

I stopped having my weekly massage. I don’t add color or bleach to my hair or go to the hairdresser, except for a trim. Yet, I make time to take Orchid to the beauty shop for her weekly bath! I used to shop “till I dropped,” enjoying the hunt for a new Lanvin dress or a pair of fabulous eyeglass frames that defines my personality. I make time to shop for a new glittering collar for Orchid, Hermes tie for Shelly, special gifts for my children, grandchildren and meaningful people in my life.

I am not playing the martyr role nor am I looking for sympathy. I do the things I do because I find pleasure in them. Yet, I have recognized that I more or less lost sight of the personal womanly “wants” that used to nourish my soul.

So what can I do to add “my wants and needs” back into my life?

I figured out my strategy! Starting next week, I am going to take one day of the week just for me. I will start with a weekly massage. Maybe I'll have lunch with an interesting friend or window shop and hopefully “find a find” or drop into Barnes and Noble for a new book. I like holding a book, feeling the pages and placing a beautiful bookmark between them to save my place. I am going to do whatever my little heart desires because I want to “pamper the me in me, once again and you should too!

Warmly, Honey