#WCW: Women Over 50 Whose Style We Adore

By: Honey Good 

“Women are always trying to tame themselves as they get older but the ones who look the best are often a bit wilder. Thinking about age all the time is the biggest prison women can make for themselves.”  Miuccia Prada

There's a little something on the Internet called #WCW. It's at once hashtag and acronym and it stands for Woman Crush Wednesday, a day created to celebrate women who are adored by whomever for whatever reason.  

We see so many fabulous women in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond every day. There's no doubt that life begins again after 50 for many of us with a new sense of confidence and satisfaction in our personal style... perhaps rooted in the fact that we have seen and survived everything from disco suits to mullets. And yet, we somehow walked away with our aesthetic sense intact and a renewed commitment to making style about us and what we love and how we want to see ourselves and never, ever about those telling us what's hot or not. We're hot enough already, in more ways than one, darlings ;)

So today, and every Wednesday, join us as we Tweet, Facebook and Pin stunning, stylish women who are 50 plus with the hashtag #WCW. We'd love to see not only pictures of women you admire, be they friends or strangers, but also pictures of you and how you define your personal style. The Internet may be full of 20 and 30 year olds in their latest outfits (God bless them!) but we are, quite frankly, fascinated by you... the modern and mature woman who is embracing life, and her wardrobe, with joie de vivre! 

Meet Linda Rodin, influential stylist and founder of the wildly successful beauty line RODIN olio lusso and this week's #WCW...

"My mother looked glamorous in a bathrobe! She was beautiful, creative, and always ahead of her time. From her, I learned to wear simply what suits me—not what was necessarily in style. She also said to never leave the house without lipstick on, which I rarely do." Linda Rodin Via Yahoo Beauty.

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