You Won’t Believe Who Ranks As One of My Best Friends


By Honey Good. Sitting at my computer I ponder the word” friendship.” I ask myself, “Who is always there for me?” My first thought: my husband, Shelly. He is my best friend and as I often say to him, “You are my best girlfriend, too!” Of course it goes without saying that my daughters and my mother are also in the equation. My darling father passed away. The other you will meet as you scroll down the page!

With tongue in cheek… I have decided on my list of best friends is my Apple MacBook Air! It brings me total joy! Here is why…

  1. It accepts me for who I am at all times.
  2. It allows me to express myself.
  3. It is always there for me in good times and times of need.
  4. When I am engaged with my Mac I have a purpose and a passion!
  5. It is a great teacher. Hitting Google gives me my answers!
  6. It lets me communicate with those I love no matter where I am in the world!
  7. It is beautiful.

The only thing my MacBook Air does not do is kiss me. My best friend fills that need… Shelly!

For the holidays if you, your children or grandchildren are in need of a great gift purchase a MacBook Air! It answers all questions honestly. It will not compete with you, it does not gossip and it is always reliable!

Warmly, Honey