Best of "Honey": Your Favorite Reads This Year

By Susan "Honey" Good

One of my most popular stories thus far in 2017 was a story I wrote in January recapping the best stories of 2016. (In case you missed it, you can read it here.) 

And so, I thought, why not share your favorites from this year in a similar format. As the weather brightens across the U.S., perhaps some leisurely weekend reading is in order?  

#1 STYLE: Spring 2017 Fashion Trends and Where To Find Them

Let's talk spring 2017 fashion trends, shall we?

Here's what the "experts" are saying is hot for spring, as well as how I see each trend working in the real world, for women like us. 

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#2 STYLE: Fashion Inspiration After 50

Today, I'm writing about style after 50, inspired by real women on the social media app, Instagram.

Now you may be wondering to yourself... what does age have to do with fashion? 

And the answer, in my opinion, is that age never defines us. It doesn't say who we are, who we were or who we are yet to become.

Yet if you, like me, enjoy gleaning inspiration from other women who are sharing the journey, these "How to do whatever after 50" stories are a fun way to gather ideas about how to present yourself to the world.  Are there any rules? Not really! I hope you stay vibrant and visible, dear readers, and present yourself to the world in whatever way you choose. I hope you continue to "rule" the roost!

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#3 BEAUTY: Meet The One Skin Saving Ingredient Every Woman Needs

Did you know, dear readers, that there truly is one ingredient that every woman should have in her skin care routine?

It's called a retinoid. Retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A that boost collagen thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines. They also unclog pores, and speed up cell turnover which evens out discoloration. 

The first retinoid, called Retin-A, was approved by the FDA decades ago as a treatment for acne!

Fast forward to today: We can choose from three prescription-strength retinoids: tretinoin, tazarotene and adapalene. But, you don't have to go to a dermatologist to take advantage of this one must-have skin care ingredient. There is an over the counter retinoid -- called retinol -- available in a bevy of beauty products. 

Here's what you must know before you make a dermatologist appointment, head to your favorite beauty retailer, or shop from my list of retinol products. 

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#4 BEAUTY: Is Your Hair Aging You?

By Colette Green, Guest Contributor

Ask any expert these days and you will be told that your hair can really betray all your efforts of aging gracefully. So, let's stop splitting hairs and figure it out. 

There is an axiom in the beauty industry that hair trends are for women of younger generations, social status or celebrities. I am here to tell you otherwise. 

It was only a matter of time before words like anti-aging and renewal started popping up in regard to hair products and style, as they do with any products and treatments relating to the beauty and health industry. So why not for your hair? 

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#5  BEAUTY: Change Your Hairstyle After 50

By Susan "Honey" Good

At 96 years old, my mother continues to live outside of the box. She has always tackled everything on her plate. She learned to play every card game. She learned to ski and play golf. She did the daily crossword puzzle, used her hands to knit, crochet and needlepoint and entertained with grace. She had a style that was her own. She put my father first, her children second and her friends third. I think she would have enjoyed having her own business, but that was unheard of in her day.

I acquired her appetite for taking risks and have also spent my entire life living outside of the box. It has been a wild ride and I never want it to stop. I have done things and gone places that none of my friends have, such as wearing a buzz cut for nearly four years, traveling to Iran and Syria, starting a dotcom company in my sixties and God knows what else.

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#6 RELATIONSHIPS: How To Deal With Unbearable People

In the course of our lives we have many relationships. For today’s musings, I would like to discuss how to deal with your unbearable friend.


I was in line at Starbucks waiting to purchase my latte, with my pooch Orchid, and overheard two women discussing what sounded like an unbearable friend. They said they could no longer tolerate her behavior. They were aggravated and angry. They were quite intolerant. They were two against one! They were gossiping up a storm. The line was long so I heard most of the story.

This is my feeling on the topic. If my close friend has a tendency to be unbearable and I notice she is getting worse and it’s affecting me, I still can’t abandon her. She is my friend. I will verbalize my unhappiness by telling her, as kindly as possible, that I can’t stand her actions. I will offer her my help and suggest she get outside help. I believe in Karma, dear friends, “the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, is viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.”

I also believe in ‘delete.’ I am not adverse at moving on. If the friend is an acquaintance, I would delete her from my life. I would not put any energy into the relationship. Period.

Now, back to the line at Starbucks, dear readers...

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