I'm smiling, darlings, thanks to YOUR kind words. Below is a snippet of just a few of the email and comments I have received from you, my lovely readers! Thank you for helping make HoneyGood.com a wonderful community of wise and kind women! A few testimonials from some of you are below...

"I had to write this to you! Otherwise you would never know how much your Serendipity post today touched my center core. It is as if a voice in the air has spoken directly to me. I always look forward to your posts to take me out of myself and into a new world of wonderfulness, whether the subjects pertain to me or not. I always know that I will enjoy them and learn something from them to share with others!" Allison Lee

"You rock Honey Good. Thanks for the inspiration." Monica Hess

"Your photos are always so GLAMOROUS, Honey Good! You are an inspiration for making life lovely every day! Thank you!" Joy Michele

"Love Honey Good's style and inspiration-elegance and flair...🛍" Susan Millard

"Joined and feeling inspired already !! Exactly what I need at this transition !! Coming out of a 3 yr healing cycle and felt like I have been missing parts of myself !! Thank You 💖" Anamarie Gravatt

"Honey is elegant yet comfortable and wise and someone you would want to have as a friend...."

"Class act!"

"Shows herself -- how happy she is with her life, her smiles and her laughs. Not afraid to show how she looks in her age and she shares what she likes -- jewelry, clothes, where she travels to and how much she enjoys her children and grandchildren."

"Her advice and,I always love to see what she's wearing. WISDOM!" 

"Her style, youthful appearance, attitude and zest for life."

"Honey is inspiring with her sense of style and active lifestyle."

"Love her personal stories. That's what real women are."

"I really love the positive outlook on aging, sharing about children and grandchildren and the style ideas."

"Her upbeat attitude and love of life. Brightens my day daily."

"Love how beautiful you are....and age is of no importance...and you intend to be glamorous and relevant and a great example of aging gracefully for women of all ages! I hope I can follow your example....Growing old is a blessing!"

"...An interesting, smart and upbeat blog for women my age. And gives me hope that I'll meet a good man and get married again. Love it all!!"

"Inspirational advice and it lets me know you can do anything at any age."

Keeping up with the new trends and the sisterhood you bring to us. Thank you!"

"I love how you speak from the heart. Your tone is friendly. It's almost like I know you...."

"Enjoy reading the thoughts, helpful tips, and abundant living of a classy older woman."

"I love that Honey loves life and the people in it! Age only adds wisdom to the mix!"

"So nice to read positive and happy, and informative posts! Gives me lots of hope for the future!!"

"... I love learning more about her love of her family, her thoughts, and her life. I love her honesty, which is refreshing!"

"My Funny Bone gets a workout."

"....I am writing to specifically thank you for frequently encouraging readers to take the initiative to be better people.... I recently experienced the death of my mother. I am so thankful I had written her the type of letter from my heart you mentioned long before she was ill. 

.... Also, I too have a precious daughter as well as a precious daughter-in-law. My heart's goal is to be the best example inwardly and outwardly for them that I can be. Again, your blog is helping me with that goal. 

So thank you for positively impacting my life and indirectly impacting other lives through me. Thank you for the thought you initiate...." Micki Johnston

Anamarie Gravatt Joined and feeling inspired already !! Exactly what I need at this transition !! Coming out of a 3 yr healing cycle and felt like I have been missing parts of myself !! Thank You 💖