• The Joy of the Holidays

    I love the holiday season! I feel an awakening with its wonderment. The spirit of giving and family togetherness makes my heart sing. The enjoyment of gift... Read more
  • The Story of Chanukah

    ~The Jewish Festival of Lights~ The triumph of light over darkness Over 2,100 years ago the land of Israel was dominated by the Syrian-Greeks who sought to... Read more
  • How to Keep a Relationship Alive

    Our lives are filled with several types of relationships. Let’s talk about our relationships with our significant others, children, grandchildren and girlfriends. This is a short collection... Read more
  • Shopping for Keepsakes

    Seven years ago I received a small green stone in the shape of a heart with the word breathe inscribed. It has remained on my desks in... Read more
  • A Word from Orchid Good

    My dog, Orchid, makes my heart sing. She spends many of her waking hours with me. She is always at my side as I write each day... Read more
  • Recipe: Potato Latkes

    This is my favorite Potato Latkes Recipe. It is easy to make and delicious. I promise! PrintRecipe: Potato Lakes Ingredients5 medium potatoes, peeled. (Put the peeled potatoes... Read more
  • Recipe: Greek Chicken

    I realize that I am late to the party, but guys, have you tried Greek yogurt!? This stuff is amazing! I am not much of a convert... Read more
  • A Creed & A Keepsake

    I came across this poem and as the holidays are approaching I immediately thought this would be a meaningful keepsake present for a mother or grandmother to... Read more
  • Recipe: Kale Chips

    In the past year or two, kale has been popping up everywhere, and if it hasn’t already, this “trendy” vegetable should make an appearance in your diet.... Read more

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