10 Fool Proof Ways to Change Your Skin and the Science Behind It

10 Fool Proof Ways to Change Your Skin and the Science Behind It

The world of skin care is constantly changing. New products and trends aimed toward improving our complexions are popping up daily. From supplements to diets to moisturizers, the beauty industry is taking a new approach to skin care. However, not all of the latest crazes are backed by science. Here are 10 of the best ways to improve your complexion from the founders of Correxiko

Unwind with a Massage

The benefits of massage have long been substantiated. Facial massage is not only relaxing and luxurious, it can help to improve the way you look and the way you feel. Massaging the face while applying your favorite serums, moisturizers and masks has been shown to increase the effectiveness of these products by enhancing the dermal absorption by the skin.19 Regularly massaging your face also increases circulation and boosts the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to skin cells, giving you a fresh and youthful appearance.

Facial massage has even been shown to reduce anxiety and improve mood. Not only can massaging your face help you maintain that youthful glow, it can also keep the blues away

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RELATIONSHIPS: How to Help Grandchildren Succeed

RELATIONSHIPS: How to Help Grandchildren Succeed

Teaching our grandchildren to get out of their comfort zone, into their courage zone, and ‘just do it’ leads to a successful life. 

I have found the best way to ‘sink’ any important knowledge, into my Grandss heads  is through my art of storytelling. 

My philosophy is not scientific. Everyone, at every age, loves a story.

When I sense a problem, I jump in, as their wise grandmother, and ask them to sit down with me... that is if I am lucky enough to be with them. If they are miles away, we talk over the phone or Skype. 

I listen to them. I validate their situation. And then I say, “I want to tell you a true story that relates to your situation." It gets their attention, every time, darlings. 

I have found with my twenty-four Grands that self- doubts occur as they wonder what paths they should take.

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BEAUTY: 5 Skin Care Practices You Have Been Doing All Wrong

BEAUTY: 5 Skin Care Practices You Have Been Doing All Wrong

Attacking acne-prone skin, even after 50

If you are fighting acne, you probably often make the mistake of using every tool in your skincare arsenal, often resorting to very aggressive cleansers and scrubbing your skin vigorously. What you have to realize first is that acne is a hormonal problem and most often has nothing to do with hygiene.

Excessively cleaning your skin with harsh soaps or exfoliating beads will not banish blemishes but it will make matters worse. It will just make your acne flare and cause so much irritation that you will be unable to use products or medications that might help soothe the irritation. Instead of being aggressive, you need to use gentle products such as the Ultraceuticals cleanser that contain salicylic acid, which unclogs pores and smoothens the skin by sloughing off dead cells. Proper diet can also be a great tool in fighting adult acne, so make sure you check the list – perhaps you will find foods that you take on a regular basis but that are actually harmful for your skin condition.

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GMS: Our Pooch, Orchid, Is Ill

GMS: Our Pooch, Orchid, Is Ill

By Susan "Honey" Good

So many of you, dear readers, have sent me heartfelt messages on Facebook wishing Orchid, our pooch, a speedy recovery. I thank you for your caring words.

Our pooch Orchid is a thirty-seven pound bundle of love and joy. We no longer devour Godiva chocolates because Orchid provides us with non-stop sweet licks. We don’t take blood pressure medication because Orchid is a calming blood pressure pill. Orchid is my writing partner and more valuable to my ultimate concierge and me than anything we own. She is our cheerer upper and our daily dose of vitamin C on the darkest rainy day. I have had many pets but none as delicious as my darling, Orchid Good.

So you can imagine how devastated we were when we realized she was ill.

We said to one another: “We will do everything in our power to cure her.” And we did just that.

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3 Tips For Getting Out of A Rut and Back into The Dating Game After 50!

3 Tips For Getting Out of A Rut and Back into The Dating Game After 50!

By Lisa Copeland, Guest Contributor 

Often women come to work with me when they have hit a wall in their dating lives.

Things aren’t going well.

They aren’t meeting the guys they want to meet and even worse…no one is noticing them online or in the real world.

I want you to know this happens to every woman at every level of dating. Believe me, I see it over and over again.

But when it happens, it doesn’t feel good, and what ends up happening is you start blaming yourself because nothing you’re doing seems to be working.

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SURVIVE: Reaffirm Your Value As a Woman In Her 60s



By Susan "Honey" Good

A woman in her sixties has the opportunity to shine in a relationship with a woman twenty years younger. One of my readers is having a hard time because she is the older mother of a 27-year-old son who is marrying a girl whose mother is in her forties. The wedding is soon and she will be walking down the aisle as the mother of the groom and feels intimidated by the woman’s youth. What can she do to wade off this feeling? After all, this is not a carefree relationship — this is a family affair.

This woman and I do not know one another, so I am writing strictly from my perspective. I want to give her positive feedback, so she can enter into this union with the other soon-to-be mother-in-law with optimism. I want her to walk down the aisle with the finest posture and biggest smile. To do this, she needs to remind herself that true beauty of both women comes from within… and by the time we are in our sixties, we have an edge over youth. 


  1. Older women are awesome role models. You have twenty years of living under your belt. That is powerful.
  2. Older women are less judgmental. This quality can be very liberating for younger women who need the ear of a sage. She will prefer your ear over her young friend’s ear when she is in need, so let her know you are not judgmental.
  3. Older women are full of life experiences. She is too young to have dealt with the life experiences you have had. You are walking around with powerful and valuable material, my dear.
  4. Older women don’t stress over the little stuff. You can have a calming effect over a younger woman who freaks out.
  5. Older women have confidence that is contagious. You can spur her on to try things she would never have thought about doing or had thought about doing but got cold feet.


I could write more candidly if I knew you and all the players. Your situation is not casual and the uniting of two families is major, so the less drama the better. You had no choice in choosing your new family, that is a given. So I think you have to put your insecurities about age on the back burner and come from confidence because a woman’s confidence is truly contagious.

How you choose to do this is up to you — you can even pretend, if you must. This pretending may even rub off on you and give you confidence. 

You must start by saying to yourself, “I will not let the word 'youth' threaten me.” I am sharing this with you and all my other dear readers who are in their 50s, 60s, 70s and older, in the hopes that you will acknowledge your self-worth at every age. Practice smiling, kindness and gentleness. Be humble and show gratitude to this new, younger woman in your life. That is true beauty, my dear. And don’t forget you will be grandmas together, too. 

Wishing you and yours and theirs a wonderful life time ahead.

RELATIONSHIPS: My Sister Is a Potted Plant

RELATIONSHIPS: My Sister Is a Potted Plant

By Akaisha Kaderli

It was a major personal breakthrough.

I’m the oldest of three girls born of the same parents and raised in the same Middle-of-America town. An adventurer by nature, I enjoy new ideas, different flavors, and meeting novel people. If there is an opportunity to learn, move forward with my life (and shed an old skin), or try out a different restaurant, I’m game.

For me, routine is fine so long as it isn’t a rut, and my idea of being steadfast is modeled after an ice skater; Moving, leaping, running and twirling but in complete control of her center of gravity. I like stability in motion.

My youngest sister on the other hand, is a potted plant.

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BEAUTY: Why Having The Best Makeup Brushes Really Matters

BEAUTY: Why Having The Best Makeup Brushes Really Matters

By Susan "Honey" Good

For every woman out there who is still applying makeup with her fingers or bemoaning the curse of bad brushes that shed and streak, I've rounded up the top tools of the trade, makeup brushes essential to a perfectly applied look for any season.

Before you buy brushes, whether purchasing a collection or just a few must-haves, make sure you aren't purchasing tools that shed, dear readers. Many good brushes may shed slightly during the first use, but a quality brush shouldn't shed many hairs and it shouldn't shed with continued use.

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Introducing the Talented Home Décor Artist: Jay Strongwater

By Susan "Honey" Good

I have been an admirer of the Jay Strongwater brand for years. In the 1990’s he created his niche in the marketplace with luxurious decor for the home. His designs immediately captured my fancy and I began collecting his enamel and jeweled pieces. From my stunning picture frames to my key ring and my jeweled ring dish and vase to my bejeweled pillows, every piece makes my heart sing. Every time I look at one of my Jay Strongwater pieces, I feel like a queen.

I am ever so proud that HoneyGood.com and JayStrongwater LLC formed a partnership. Little did I know that a few months later, I would be invited to brunch to meet Jay and some of his long time collectors. The lovely affair was held at Neiman Marcus, an account of the Jay Strongwater company.

Jay spoke and presented a film on the history of his company. I found the film fascinating and after speaking to Jay I knew you, dear readers, would enjoy hearing the story of his success. 


1. Honey: How did the name Jay Strongwater originate and why did you select this name?

Jay: It is an interesting story of how my original company, Jay Feinberg Fashion Jewelry evolved into Jay Strongwater. My business was doing well and I wanted to expand, so I looked for an outside investor to help me grow my business. After some time, he pulled out of the business and I lost Jay Feinberg Fashion Jewelry.

In 1990, one year later, I went back into business. My aunt became my bookkeeper and my mother and father joined me in the business. I needed a new name, so my mother gave me her maiden name. When she came to America through Ellis Island, her last name was German, Starkwasser, which meant Strongwater in English. I renamed my company Jay Strongwater.

Honey: I cannot tell you how much I like the name. It is a name one remembers.

2. Honey: I know you began designing jewelry while you were in college and sold your first necklaces and earrings to Saks. You got your big break with the famous Oscar de la Renta. Tell us the interesting story. 

Jay: I attended the Rhode Island School of Design with a focus on fashion. During college, I was shopping with my mother in New York at Bonwit Teller when my mother saw a necklace she liked. I went home and designed some bold necklaces just for her. I took some of the necklaces and met with buyers at Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Ave — I had orders! I left school and opened Jay Feinberg Fashion Jewelry. 

Honey: How did you meet Oscar?

Jay: My big break came when I met the very famous Oscar de la Renta. It was in the 80’s and I began designing large, bejeweled and quite spectacular jewelry to be featured in Oscar’s runway shows. I was 23 years old and I had editorial coverage in Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily and Bazaar. My parents and aunt, an expert booker, joined me in the business. 

The wave of bold jewelry was big time and it was then that I needed a financial partner. Unfortunately, large jewelry went out of fashion and delicate organic jewelry took the stage. My partner left and Jay Feinberg was forced to close. 

It was at that time I had no choice but to transition. I got a booth at the Jacob Javis Center. I had made seven picture frames and people started placing orders.  I knew I had found my new niche — I would focus on beautiful décor for the home. I had my new name and in 1990, I presented my first Jay Strongwater collection to buyers and the press. Customers were placing orders and I began shipping.

I loved jewels, enamels and metals and began to create jeweled and enamel picture frames. The cornerstone of my jewels for the home collection was inspired by the first picture frame I made for my mother. 

Honey: And today there are candle sticks, boxes, bowls, your animal collection, vases, key rings, pillows and more. What sets you apart is your craftsmanship — Your work with metals, jewels and brightly colored enamels in all colors of the rainbow is pristine. 

Jay: Thank you, Honey.

3. Honey: Where do you go to escape and find inspiration for your collection?

Jay: I love to go to art fairs, I love to hunt for art nouveau and I frequent many museums and antique shows.

4. Honey: What is the best advice you ever received in launching your brand? 

Jay: It is very important to have a mentor. I had Oscar. I went with him to trunk shows where I learned production, design, how to ship, etc. A brilliant mentor was key to my success.

5. Honey: What moment are you most proud of in your career?

Jay: I had my ups and my downs, but I was always grateful for each day.

Honey: I have read that people cannot find happiness unless they are grateful.   

6. Honey: What is next for the Jay Strongwater brand?

Jay: Our brand is expanding into larger pieces. I am challenging myself to make chandeliers, coffee tables and beautiful lamps. I am going to design and create larger pieces. I am very excited.

I start each day with a rough sketch of an idea, a sample of a new technique and I dream a little bit. Slowly over months, dreams are realized because our craftsmanship is impeccable and our materials are the best.

Honey: I know Shelly and I were going to visit you at your factory a few weeks ago. We will return to New York this summer and I know the best is yet to come. Thank you for the interview. I am most appreciative. 

You can find Jay Strongwater online at Jaystrongwater.com or in the home departments at Neiman Marcus, Harrods in London and Tanagra in the Middle East.  Jay will also be signing products for gifts purchased for Mother’s Day - find out the details here!


MOTHER'S DAY: Top Tech Gifts For Moms

MOTHER'S DAY: Top Tech Gifts For Moms

By Jennifer Stern of Digital Seniors Canada, Guest Contributor

Once a year, gifting daughters, sisters, aunts, moms and all the special women in our lives that make up our “village” of support is the least we can do. Appreciation comes in many forms. While some women love flowers, chocolate or spa gift cards, there are lots of moms and women who could use a slice of convenience for all they do. If you’re looking to break with tradition this year, there are plenty of choices in the tech world that won’t break your budget.  And lots of choices for those who want to go all out too! 

Tech meets tradition

If you’re looking to match tradition with technology, you can splurge for something really cool (or hot), like a Wi-Fi-enabled precision cooker, allowing a busy working mom to prepare dinner remotely from the office. Yes, even cooking is online! It’s much safer than programming the oven and can be controlled from any internet device. This is a total game-changer for working parents, especially if the chef is stuck at the office later than expected or wants to experiment as only great chefs do. While I haven’t tried it yet, this sous-vide style of cuisine is sure to be a hit with tech-loving moms or smart phone dependant parents who are not at home until dinner time and hunger hits. 

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GMS: A Letter To My Fabulous Mother at 96

GMS: A Letter To My Fabulous Mother at 96

By Susan "Honey" Good

As I drift off to sleep each night, my mind sifts through memories until it settles on something definitive and last night was no different. I was trying to recall a special mother-daughter story I had written to read to you on your 96th birthday.

My whirling thoughts reminded me of my old Rolodex as I searched for a favorite memory. I have thousands of stories stored in my mind and fortunately, I add more and more because I am blessed to have you.

Through all our high hills of laughter and excitement and our potholes where we sunk into silence, our mother–daughter bond is unbreakable. The chemistry between you and I is fierce and no matter how angry I have been with you, there has never been a time I did not pick up the phone and say, “Please let’s not argue. I am sorry this is happening between us.” The reason being you are the most important woman in my life. I love you and respect you unconditionally. You are my mother.

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Are You Training Men NOT To Help You?

Are You Training Men NOT To Help You?

By Lisa Copeland, Guest Contributor

Last week, I was on a plane heading to California.

I was struggling trying to lift my bag into the overhead compartment.

A man standing behind me said, “Can I help you with that?”

I looked at him, smiled with relief and gladly said YES!

I was so grateful he came along because I was beginning to worry I might drop my overfilled suitcase on the head of the lady sitting right below the overhead bin.

This kind man took my suitcase and lifted it up as if it was light as a feather.

I thanked him and told him how much I appreciated his help.

(I’m sure that lady was grateful to him as well because she’d been looking at me with fear in her eyes and her hands over her head before this man had stepped up)

At this point of the story, magic happened as it always does when you thank and appreciate a man.

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SURVIVE: My Ultimate Concierge’s Favorite Present

By Susan "Honey" Good

For many of us, shopping for the perfect gift is not a simple matter. And that, dear readers, is a truism. It is challenging to find a thoughtful gift in your price range with the ideal message. I say ideal message because most gifts have some sort of symbolic meaning.

The next few months are a busy season for gift-giving between weddings, graduations and many birthdays.

I love to shop. You may be surprised to learn that I prefer the entire process of shopping for others far more than for myself.

I began giving gifts as a little girl — picking dandelions as I walked home from school to give my mother a bouquet. I remember seeing the joy and surprise on her face and feeling good.

Buying a gift is like writing or telling a story. The thought is the beginning, the shopping is the middle and the best part, the giving, is the end. When I present my gift, my goal is to have the person’s eyes light up with pleasure. Shopping for the perfect gift does not just happen and it is oftentimes not easy, so I think of it as a project.

One should consider many things — personality, taste, favorite colors, the occasion, the lifestyle and price range when shopping for a gift.

 A Story of Gift-Giving

One morning several years ago, before the thought of writing entered my mind, I sat down at my desk to compose a poem for my ultimate concierge and husband, Sheldon Good. His sixtieth birthday was a week away.

I had no idea how to write a poem, but you would have thought I was a natural poet because the words just poured out of me. In less than 30 minutes my poem was complete and I had captured my husband to a tee. 

A few days later, I placed the typed out poem with my handwritten signature in a sterling silver Tiffany frame. This completed the first two steps of my project and I could hardly wait for the final step… giving the gift. 

At his 60 birthday dinner party, I made the presentation of his gift an event by reading it out loud to all the guests.

What made my gift so special?

It was personal and 95% of the present was an expression of my feelings. The poem was not about love, it was all about him and I must say, I nailed it. It was not a material present, but rather it had meaning. That is what your goal should be, a gift from the heart.

To this day it is his favorite present. He continues to tell me, “Your poem is the most important gift I have received in my life.” 

Just words and a frame, dear readers, made his eyes light up. To this day they still light up because it sits on a prominent shelf in our den. 

Here are some gift ideas:

  • Give a gift that has a memory attached whether it be tickets to a play, a sporting event or a concert.
  • Give something they can use such as a candle, a bottle of wine or a book. At a luncheon, a friend gave a group of us a small, yellow, ceramic colander that I use to rinse blueberries and blackberries for breakfast. Who would ever think of a colander? I think my girlfriend was very creative.

Use your imagination and make shopping a wonderful project by using your creative energy. 

STYLE: Sandals + Sun

STYLE: Sandals + Sun

y Susan "Honey" Good

Spring is here and it's the season for sandals, sun and, of course, pedicures. I just adore this time of year because getting a pedicure is one of my absolute favorite indulgences.

Today, I am sharing a round-up of some of the season's most stylish sandals and lacquers; may the inspire dinner alfresco, a walk in the park, or even a rom around the playground with your Grands. 

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BEAUTY: Everything You Need To Know About Skin Care After 50

BEAUTY: Everything You Need To Know About Skin Care After 50

By Gwen Lewis, guest contributor

The day I turned 30, I was a wreck. Most of us women are - after years of reveling in our carefree youth, the idea that our twenties are over can be quite a lot to process. That evening, I found myself in sweatpants on the couch, watching old movies with my best friend (still a few months away from the big 3-0 herself).

“Cheer up. At least you’re not 50,” said my girlfriend. 

How wrong she was! In my experience, a woman’s fifties are some of the best years of her life. She’s more confident. Her relationships are stronger. If she’s lucky, she may even have a few grandkids to spoil. In fact, as I now round the corner from my fifties into my sixties, I just can’t imagine being afraid or unhappy with my advancing age. Things just keep getting better!

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