• Beauty

    My Perfume Professor: My Mother

    My mom gave me all the tools I’d need to be a fabulously feminine woman throughout my life. Today, I’m sharing some of her timeless advice…

  • Beauty

    Is Oil What's Missing In Your After 50 Skincare Routine?

    Oil has gotten a bad rap when it comes to beauty, but the truth is that oil may be just what’s missing from your beauty routine, especially as we age…

  • Style

    These Are a Few of My Favorite Blings

    Accessories are one of my favorite ways to change my look, but jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to be chic…

  • Relationships

    The Shift

    Two weeks ago I was in a quandary. I called my best friend, Gail, for advice. It had to do with an important issue that had to be quickly resolved. But how?

  • Survival

    The Power of Surfing Your Edge

    Exercise is about so much more than looking and feeling your best…


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The Shift

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Coping With Change Over 50

The Buzz: Coping With Change Over 50


Power Habits

The Power of Surfing Your Edge


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These Are a Few of My Favorite Blings


Perfume Professor

My Perfume Professor: My Mother

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Learn To Count Your Blessings

How To Learn To Count Your Blessings