End Of Season Savings... And Style!

End Of Season Savings... And Style!

By Susan "Honey" Good

It's pretty tempting, when one smells spring in the air, to start thinking about sandals and sundresses, but the reality is that in many places, including my sweet home Chicago, we've still got months of brisk weather ahead.

That makes end of season stock up sales as fun as they are practical, so today I rounded up some fabulous and fashionable deals too good to miss. Happy shopping! 

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STYLE: Fashion Inspiration After 50

By Susan "Honey" Good

Today, I'm writing about style after 50, inspired by real women on the social media app, Instagram.

Now you may be wondering to yourself... what does age have to do with fashion? 

And the answer, in my opinion, is that age never defines us. It doesn't say who we are, who we were or who we are yet to become.

Yet if you, like me, enjoy gleaning inspiration from other women who are sharing the journey, these "How to do whatever after 50" stories are a fun way to gather ideas about how to present yourself to the world. 

Are there any rules? Not really! I hope you stay vibrant and visible, dear readers, and present yourself to the world in whatever way you choose. I hope you continue to "rule" the roost!

(If you are an Instagram user or plan on becoming one, I found most of these women by searching the following hashtags: #fashionover60 and #fashionover50.)

Skinny jeans and a classic cardigan via @styleandnature. I adore!

@bagandaberet describes this dress as "scandalicious." I don't know her, but I like her already! No rules... just right!

Chanel and denim are simply timeless in my book. @gracefilledglam appears to agree!

This look via @conceptosdeestilo is effortless, comfy and oh so chic. Do you agree?

This lovely lady is @piadgronning. I love the combination of complementary patterns shown here. 

@southernrhoda is a blogger who shows women how to mix it up a bit. 

Who says cameras can't capture charisma? @atypical60 has an infectious smile and a fun style that comes through even in photos, including lots of detail shots of her outfits and accessories. 

This post was done by a gentleman who goes by @styleafter50 as a tribute to his lovely wife, but I had to include the types of photos he usually posts as well… pictures of HIS very own outfit combinations! 

Happy Thursday, dear readers! I hope you are feeling inspired and as always, I would love to see what you're wearing, too!

Please feel free to head over to the Honey Good Facebook page and share your own outfit inspiration or follow and connect with me on Instagram @_honeygood.

BEAUTY: Change Your Hairstyle After 50

By Susan "Honey" Good

At 96 years old, my mother continues to live outside of the box. She has always tackled everything on her plate. She learned to play every card game. She learned to ski and play golf. She did the daily crossword puzzle, used her hands to knit, crochet and needlepoint and entertained with grace. She had a style that was her own. She put my father first, her children second and her friends third. I think she would have enjoyed having her own business, but that was unheard of in her day.

I acquired her appetite for taking risks and have also spent my entire life living outside of the box. It has been a wild ride and I never want it to stop. I have done things and gone places that none of my friends have, such as wearing a buzz cut for nearly four years, traveling to Iran and Syria, starting a dotcom company in my sixties and God knows what else.

As an empty nester, you likely have the time to think about this passage of your life. I suggest you expand your lifestyle and take new risks. Why not begin with a new hairdo?

My hair story began when I was still in diapers and the saga continues to this day.

I imagine if my mother was a young woman, she would be a world renowned hairdresser with salons across America. Why? Because for the first 18 years of my life, I was her client. Her professional shears were unstoppable and not until I escaped her escapades, when I left home for college, did I finally have a chance to choose ‘my look.’

I did with a vengeance. My college friends were city girls and taught the ropes to this small town girl from Kankakee by the Sea. They went to the hairdresser weekly because they said they "were mature.” They dragged me along to be pampered and I loved my first hairdresser, who streaked my brunette hair blonde and took pleasure in styling it as it grew longer throughout the year. Young women meeting me for the first time would ask, “Are you from LA?”

I wore my hair long until I married my ultimate concierge in my 40’s. One day he casually mentioned to me, “I love short hair.”

I decided I needed a change and figured, why not try a new do? Ask yourselves, dear readers, if you might feel the same.

Having left the Hawaiian Islands a year after my late husband passed away, I was now a city girl. I remember exactly what went through my mind as I walked into the hairdresser. Take notes, darlings.

  1. I wanted low maintenance, meaning I did not want to go to a hairdresser except for a haircut and a streaking.
  2. I wanted to wash my hair daily. I had done that in Honolulu for the past ten years with long hair.
  3. I did not want to tease my hair, use a blow dryer or a straightener.
  4. I wanted a look that worked during the day, but that I could wear black tie if need be.
  5. Lastly, but really firstly, I wanted my ultimate concierge to love it.

My wish list was fulfilled. The hairdresser cut my hair one length and it was short, but long enough to comb behind my ears. I washed it daily, towel dried it, put a little gel through it and I was done. I went for a trim every six weeks or so and my husband loved my new 'do. It was very edgy and stood out in a crowd.

Think about yourselves, darlings. Whether you go short or long, wavy or curly, dare yourself to take risks.

In my fifties, I really did a number on my hair when I accompanied my husband to a new barber shop. He wears a crew cut and to find the right barber is not easy. Her name was Christine and as she was cutting my husband’s hair she said, “You would look great with a buzz cut.”

I asked my ultimate concierge what he thought about the idea and he replied “Do it.”

I sat in Christine’s chair and before my eyes, watched as my hair disappeared. It was so edgy and I loved it. I felt so fresh and squeaky clean.

I survived all types of comments from the peanut gallery including:

“You look like you just got out of a concentration camp.”

“At least you did not jump off the top of a building.”

“You look like a cancer patient.”

“I liked you as a blonde.”

“I liked you with longer hair.”

My husband loved my haircut. I wore this crew cut for nearly four years, ignoring the comments from others. In other words, be a relevant woman to yourself, first and foremost.

I knew growing out my hair would be very difficult. One day I accompanied my mother to a wig shop, as her hair was thinning and she wanted to go the wig route.

As I watched a ‘wig lady’ put the most gorgeous salt and pepper wig on my mom's head, I realized my problem was solved. I invested in two wigs and wore them for a few years until I have what you now see…my own hair.

By the way, real salt and pepper hair wigs are impossible to find, but you can buy synthetic wigs which are easier to maintain and cost a third of the price.

As of February 21, which is today, I must confess  – I am my mother’s daughter. When my hair is feeling a bit too long, I walk into the kitchen, open up my knife drawer where I keep the kitchen shears and think of my mother with a smile as I cut my hair. If you notice in my pictures, you will see my hair is uneven on the sides. That is what I have named the Honey Good cut and I have decided I like it just fine. It is edgy, isn’t it darlings?

I have heard from so many of you, dear readers, about your necks. I am anxious to hear if you have decided to be daring after fifty and try ‘a new look.’