10 Reasons You Might Want to Talk to a Life Coach

10 Reasons You Might Want to Talk to a Life Coach

Most people have heard of life coaches, but life coaches are everywhere nowadays, and you hear about all types of them: nutrition coaches, fitness coaches, career coaches and so on. But it seems that most people do not know exactly what life coaches do and who would need them. 


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News & Trends: 3/18/15

News & Trends: 3/18/15

Oprah and Huffington Team Up to Help You Thrive 

Burned-out or anxious at times? Aren’t we all! Two female media moguls -- Arianna Huffington and Oprah Winfrey -- who have long recognized the need to chill out from their super-charged careers, have teamed up to offer a six-week online course on Oprah.com. It's entitled Thrive with Arianna Huffington. Huffington, a news personality, is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post. She also authored The New York Times’ best-selling book Thrive.

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Valuing and Loving Your Work


By Gail Stone. This important subject of "valuing your work" is related to my last entry on dreams. I encourage you to "dream big" as you choose your career path and remember "leadership begins with "self." After all, "if you can't lead yourself, you can't possibly lead others."

Susan Polis Schutz, who was a leader (recently deceased and quoted by her loving husband) with:

"Take the power to choose what you want in life. Take the power to love what you want and do in your life" - Susan Polis Schultz

My interpretation of this quote is related to what - and with whom - you spend the majority of your time - your job. Therefore, you'll definitely want to research, ponder and plan -- choose it wisely. That job can take any number of forms.

Though I feel my chosen quote pertains to each of us, I believe that it can be especially important - and even healing - to those who have experienced loss and suffering, as many of us have. My loss remains with me - and will - every day of my life. But I choose not to allow it to dominate my life by focusing on my work.

I love my work and I wish that upon all of you as well. I started a free meeting and hospitality service company - The Gailconnection - 25 years ago. This business represents who I am and who I have been my entire life and joyfully occupies my thoughts and feelings every day. That's powerful. Each of us may have a small part of our heart missing, and your work can be a productive distraction, when feeling down. As you choose and develop your profession - you can draw upon innate skills and ways of life. I believe that can strengthen the foundation of your professional path. I chose the perfect occupation for who I am: I started a business based in hospitality and event planning and also worked as a teacher for many years - what better career paths for a "people person?"

The greatest concept I want to share with you regarding the significance of your work, comes from the lyrics of a song by the eloquent singer, Anael. Just over five years ago, my wonderful son, Dustin, gave me this album and it continues to remind me of the value of my work:

Wake me from indecision Set me back on the trail Let me again envision Magic and fairytales Work is the sole provision Everything else just pales Inside the words there's rhythm That gathers the wind in my sails

I want to stress the importance of the career path you choose. Choose your profession(s) wisely. It is likely to change along the way and that's ok. We all change and grow. Start early, set your goals and dedicate yourself to the work you've chosen. You will thrive as you manifest your goals. Even during those challenging times, you will feel the joy of what you have created and the gratification of what you are contributing to our world. We are always a work in progress, so keep that in mind as you move forward in your career, embrace it and don't forget to have fun!

4 Life Lessons Grandma Can Handle


Grandparents have a special relationship with their grandchildren. They are beacons of kindness and wisdom, with years of experience to reflect upon. So it is no wonder their grown children often turn to them for parenting advice. When tough or unpleasant subjects come up, and communication lines between you and your child fall short, it's time to bring in the big guns. Driving, dating, money management, and education and career are four topics that might go over better with a grandmother's finesse.


Driving can be a difficult subject for parents to broach. You really want your kids to have their independence, but you also want to make sure they are prepared for the realities of operating a vehicle. You know better than anyone else how often your concerns fall on deaf ears (your kids already know everything, right?) so perhaps it would be a good time to let Grandma take the wheel. Your daughter may be more receptive to taking practice tests online if it is suggested by a source that is not you!


Your mother probably has some great recipes for spaghetti sauce, peach cobbler and chicken soup, but she also probably has recipes for inedible things like romantic relationships. If dating is another conversation that is a bit uncomfortable for you to address with your son or daughter, then pass that torch on. Grandparents have seen and heard it all (probably from you!) and are at times better equipped to offer sound advice that is reasonable without coming off as irrational. Those little gemstones of wisdom, like treating one's boyfriend or girlfriend with respect, expressing emotions, and the hard lesson of knowing when to walk away may have more impact coming from a trusted grandparent.


Money management is one of the most difficult life lessons to instill in a child. While you are focusing on setting clear guidelines for your kid to follow and explaining the dos and don'ts of spendingdo your chores to earn money, don't spend your money all at once — all of your sage knowledge may just seem like another set of rules to your child. But if grandma steps in and approaches the topic from a different perspective, your child could be more receptive. Grandma has watched the stock market rise and fall, observed real estate property value increase and decrease, and is the best at stretching a dollar. Her advice on money management may prove invaluable.

Education and career

When it comes to your child making hard decisions about which career or education path to pursue, Grandma can again come to the rescue. A grandmother has a unique perception of her grandchildren; she notices little quirks, growth spurts, hopes and fears that you may not see right away. Grandparents are living, breathing reference guides of their grandkids' preferences and dislikes, and Grandma can use this insight to help guide your son or daughter to an education or career that best suits your child.

Grandmas have as much wisdom as they do love to share with their grandkids. When it comes to discussing those challenging and awkward subjects with your kids, sometimes, Grandma knows best.