RELATIONSHIPS: Looking Back on a Life

RELATIONSHIPS: Looking Back on a Life

By Susan "Honey" Good

Last night I received an email from my girlfriend, Carole. We attended school together in Kankakee by the Sea. I believe she found by chance. I don’t promote myself, though my husband Shelly pushes me to ‘put myself out there.’ He is the most important driving force in my life. Actually, he is my life. For those of you who do not know by this time, Shelly and I share everything. We are like Gracie Allen and George Burns or Donald Duck and Daisy Duck. Everyone who knows us, knows that we are glued at the hip, as they say.

Anyway, Carole found my musings online and part of her email last night made me laugh out loud.  She wrote to me to comment on a story that I had just written about women bullying other women. (If you missed it, read it here.) Carole and Shelly also are acquainted having met last summer at a luncheon in Kankakee by the Sea. Shelly and I drove down to lunch with 16 of my high school classmates and we all had a great time. 

Carole’s email read, “On a pleasant note, I so enjoy all your articles. It is a special treat when you bless us with ‘Shellyisms.’ He’s a rare find. Looking forward to you putting these in book form for us to peruse at our convenience… hint hint! Maybe put a Shellyism at the end of each article.”

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