Flaunt It With Your Makeup & Glasses

By: Honey Good

You should give up chasing youth, darlings, because you can't catch it! But...you can improve your makeup skills and fill your desire of looking more stunning and attractive and prettier by subtracting poor make-up habits, adding divine glasses and remembering that you are a force in your community and family because unlike the young, you my darlings, have earned your PhD in life! Flaunt it with your head held high, your make-up set and your fabulous glasses that define your personality!

These are “my don'ts” in makeup that will be followed by “my do's” in eyewear.

  • Avoid Heavy Foundation: It only makes us look older. I use Giorgio Armani, luminous silk foundation because of its thin and silky texture. The makeup pros have taught me to choose a shade or two darker than my natural skin tone because going a shade lighter exaggerates fine lines.
  • Avoid Bright or Dull Blush: I love my blush. MAC is my favorite. I think a woman should add ‘blush’ to her skin. It is feminine. A make-up artist told me to wear MAC at night. I think of my blush as part of my personality.
  • Avoid Applying Your Blush the Wrong Way: If you are applying blush on the apples of your cheek you are adding ten years to your face. I wear a powdered blush but the experts tell you to use a liquid blush because powdered makes lines more prominent. Use your own judgment darlings!
  • Avoid Dark Eyeliner on Upper and Lower Lids: Dark eyeliner brings out the dark circles under one’s eyes and makes your eyes look smaller. Opt for a soft grey or brown pencil rather than dark liquid liners. I use a white pencil by Sisley. I put a white dot in the corner of my eye. I don’t line my top lid and I use the same pencil under my lower lashes. I made it up myself!!
  • Avoid Eye Shadow With Glitter: The experts say your eyelids will look crumpled and thin lines will show if you wear shimmery shadows. Opt for a matte shadow that will give a very striking look to your eyes. I wear MAC Forgery. Again, I do my own thing. It is a grey shimmery shadow!
  • Avoid Heavy Concealer Under Your Eyes: You should not commit this cardinal sin. It will only make your dark circles worse. I have the perfect product to cover your darkened circles. It is expensive but works and lasts forever. Buy Tom Ford, Eye primer duo base. It is my favorite product in my make-up drawer! It will give your face an uplifted look without anyone knowing you are wearing the product.
  • Avoid Lip Liner or Harsh Shades of Lipstick: Applying a very dark lipstick will make your lips appear thinner which adds years to your life. Lip liners are out of fashion!
  • Avoid Mascaras That Are Too Light: If you have great lashes flaunt them with black mascara and in my opinion wear only Chanel or L’Oreal.

The Eyes Have It...Eye Glasses I Mean!

I love my glasses! Frames and colored lenses, by all means darlings, should be fun or elegant! Wear your glasses like your jewelry. If you let them, your glasses will make a statement of who you are.

I have saved every pair of glasses, except the few I have lost. I suggest you do the same because eventually they will come back into style. Just change your prescription and voila!

Glasses are a hot commodity. Looking over my stash I photographed a few of my vintage oldies but goodies. Each pair has a sentimental story with my personal secrets.

My Red Glasses: I bought my first pair of glasses when I was forty-six years old. I chose large red frames. Why? Because I knew they would stand out in the crowd.They had personality. They represented me, and my personality. I wore them on my first date with my husband Shelly. He loved them! Buy glasses that ‘speak’ to who you are.

My Flowered Glasses: I bought them at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Honolulu. They are a memory of my life in Honolulu with my family. I bought them to wear to a ball at the Kahala Hilton Hotel. Buy a pair of frames with rhinestones arms for special occasions.

My Aviator Glasses: My husband chose them for me. Save your old frames. I promise they will come back into vogue.

My Orange + Black 1960 Christian Dior Frames: I bought these in a resale shop while shopping with my daughter, Jenny. I always think of her when I wear them. Visit resale shops for vintage glasses, darlings. They are half the price!

I tint all my lenses to match my frames. I have pink frames with rose colored lenses; grey frames with light grey lenses, blue frames with lightly tinted blue lenses. My tortoise frames have light green lenses, and all of my black lenses have different shades of blue lenses. All of my lenses are sun exposure safe.

With the correct eye make-up and gorgeous shades you cannot go wrong. After all, our eyes are the windows to our soul.

Do something GOOD today: Go out and splurge, darlings!!!

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