Beauty: Hair Saving Advice For Women After 50

Jaclyn Smith in Kmart Campaign with Daughter Spencer Margaret via

Jaclyn Smith in Kmart Campaign with Daughter Spencer Margaret via

By Susan "Honey" Good

Our hair is our crowning glory and yet, as we age, some of the challenges of all that hair can give us headaches. Hair may go gray, get thinner or become dry and brittle.

I am not one to bemoan, dear readers. Nor am I one to sit idly by and accept the status quo. That's why today I am sharing hair saving tips, tricks and products that those of us after 50 will adore. 

Try this: Let it be!

You may have spent much of your life trying to be different than who you are. That's OK. This life is a journey. It's not uncommon to spend the first part of it trying to fit into other people's molds of who we should be. Yet, if we are lucky...  one day, we wake up, we look in the mirror and we realize that we are perfect just the way we are. And on that day, your hair rejoices!

Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of, "The Best of Everything After 50" tells that accepting her hair was one of the best decisions she ever made.

One of the best pieces of advice I got was this: let your hair be what it was meant to be! I had been BLOW DRYING my hair for decades until it looked like roadkill! So then, I threw away my blow dryer and never looked back. Now, my hair is healthier, shinier and more fun than it’s ever been.
— Barbara Hannah Grufferman

I love this quote from Barbara. Sometimes the best way to change something you don't like is to change your attitude!

Be brave: Go gray!

Many of you responded favorably to my story about going gray and how I did it here.

Andrea Q. Robinson, author of "Toss the gloss: Beauty Tips, Tricks and Truths for Women 50+" insists that going totally gray can be dazzling... and I agree!

Robinson does caution that gray hair still needs to be properly maintained including regular cuts, nourishing conditioners and a hair mask, as needed.

No Poo: Great hair sans shampoo?

Last January, I wrote about the "No Poo" movement here. Here are the Cliffs notes, dear readers...

No Poo, taken literally, refers to the practice of eschewing traditional, commercial shampoo in search of healthy, hydrated hair.

And while advocates swear that skipping shampoo leaves locks looking better, there are also a host of health advantages for those who skip shampoo. Namely kicking chemicals, such as sodium lauryl, sodium laureth sulfate, parabens and 1,4-dioxanes, out of their beauty routines.

One way to go shampoo-less is  by using a DIY honey shampoo. A natural beauty and health blog I've read called, suggests using a basic recipe of one tablespoon raw honey and three tablespoons of filtered water massaged into the hair and scalp to clean locks naturally.

Stop washing your hair? Would you dare?

In case you missed it: Some products I love for aging hair


Apivita Propoline Women's Tonic Shampoo For Thinning Hair helps moisturize and soothe your scalp while protecting and strengthening the hair at the roots to help prevent further hair thinning or loss.

I've personally been using the Kerastase collection for years and I love it! Browse the entire line here

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