Happy Grandparents Day!

By: Honey Good

As I have written before, I do my best thinking in the shower. The sound of the water and its cascading effect as it flows over me compels me to take a big sigh as I close my eyes and let my mind take in…whatever it chooses, darlings!

I was transported back in time to thoughts of my grandmothers probably because I had read somewhere that Grandparent’s Day was September 13th. I often think of my remarkable grandmothers. They were extremely important role models in my life. One mental gift they left me with was the importance of the role of a grandmother.

A short tribute to them on this day…

My mother’s mother, who I called Gramma, had a beach home on Lake Michigan where I spent many happy summer days helping my grandmother in the kitchen prepare delicious corn on the cob with just a pinch of sugar added to the water! I would stand on a chair; she would pour a little sugar in my hand and then laughing, always laughing, she would watch me pour the sugar into the boiling water and then watch me lick my hands! I remember the days I would race out the back screen door down to the beach where lunch was waiting in big wicker baskets that she had prepared for the family. My grandmother would sit under a huge, brightly colored umbrella, laughing, as she watched her grandchildren build huge sand castles near the shoreline or frolic in the water. My grandmother was joyful and to this day her laughter permeates my thoughts.

My father’s mother, my Grandmother Sarah, who I am named for, died at age forty-nine. My grandfather remarried a wonderful and loving woman. My grandfather had fourteen grandchildren and none of us were allowed to call this loving woman, Grandma. We had to call her Aunt Clara. I loved her so much and I remember one day whispering in her ear,

“I wish I could call you, Grandma! I love you.” There is no better tribute I give to this woman.

On this Grandparent’s Day I ask myself: What do I want to leave in the heads of my twenty Grands that call me Honey?

These are my thoughts…

I want to be thought of as a grandmother of mental gifts…not financial gifts.


I often teach my Grands through my actions because visualization often times speaks louder than my words.

Therefore: My laughter teaches them to see the glass half full.

My inquisitiveness teaches them to explore life.

My problem solving shows them that where there is a will there is a way.

My hugs and millions of kisses teach them love.

My helping others teaches them empathy for others and sharing.

My giving of time and monies shows them charity.

And then of course, darlings, like all women, we talk!


See the glass half full. Make lemonade out of lemons.

Family First.

Don’t expect others to do for you.

Happiness is not here for the taking. You create it.

Value yourself and you will be valued.

Live outside the box!

Take the high road.

Life is all about loving others and being loved.

In my heart of hearts I hope, like you hope, a little signal will flash into our grandchildren’s heads when confronted with life’s hills and valleys and they will think: My grandmother said this or my grandmother showed me that. That is our ultimate gift.

Have a wonderful Grandparents Day, darlings!

To all my Jewish darlings, on this the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hash Hashanah, I wish you all a Happy New Year. May it be as sweet as honey!

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