How to Create a Chic Workspace

By: Honey Good

Sometimes I look at my desk and feel like I've got it all under control. I mean, I can see my desk. I'm told this isn't necessarily something I should get credit for. The reality is six neat stacks of miscellaneous paper doesn't make for an organized office. I knew something had to change but golly, what a daunting task!

I turned to my best resources: the internet and my interior decorator. Lucky for you because I'm divulging all my best secrets with you today, dear readers!

Here's 6 tips to help you create your chicest workspace yet:

1. Clear away the clutter: Dedicate one day a week to cleaning your desk. Read mail, recycle papers and shred the important docs. Nothing like starting a new work week with a clean desk.

2. Cut the cordNothing ruins a pristine workspace like a mess of tangled cords. There's some great cord management systems on the market that group all your cords together and conceal the mess. If something cannot be concealed...find a new home for it!

3. Shop for chic storage solutions: Utilize bookshelves and available filing systems. Look for pieces that have strong form and strong function. Long gone are the days of ugly file cabinets. There are many-a-chic solution out there.

4. Add some personality: Think luxe rugs, a small grouping of photos in decorative frames and travel trinkets but be selective! Less is more when it comes to accessories. Unique paperweights and tchotchkes can frame a stack of books or add a punctuation mark to a lonely shelf.

5. Go green: Some of the most tranquil workspaces have a touch of green and can add life to even the most well worn offices. Not to mention, plants remove toxins from the air. Fresh air and a bright workspace...what's not to love?

6. Get inspired: Clear some wall space for a decorative cork board and hang imagery that will keep you inspired whether that's something you tore out of your favorite architectural magazine or a handwritten thank you note from your little darlings. Pin items that bring a smile to your face as you sip your first cup of joe for the day!

The bottom line? A clutter-free office allows you to stay productive and focused. Budget one hour every week and a trip to your local farmer's market and I promise you'll look at Monday with a whole new outlook.

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