How To Survive: The Early Morning

By: Honey Good

“My poor foot,” I think to myself as I walk to Neiman Marcus on a sunny, Spring day to buy a pair of walking shoes. I used to race up the Neiman Marcus escalator to the shoe department, because I love shoes! That was before I broke my ankle. This is now. I am happy to say the bone healed properly, but my ankle and foot is slightly swollen. Now I go up the same escalator with trepidation. As I continue the short walk over to the store, I make myself switch moods and smile. Gary, my shoe salesman (who knows my feet better than I do), will figure out what to do.

As I enter the shoe department, a saleswoman I have never laid eyes on approaches me. She is in her late fifties or sixties.

“Hi, my name is Susie. May I help you?”

“Thank you, but I am looking for my salesman Gary,” I replied.

“He just left for a late lunch break.”

My heart sank!

I gained my composure, smiled and said, “Well you are a Susie and I am a Susan so we should be a good fit! But I must tell you it is not going to be easy,” explaining my story.

I feel meeting Susie was no accident! I don’t question why we have these incidents in our lives. I am just glad we do, because this woman was meant to enter my life!

I didn’t need a shoe salesman who was a brand specialist. I needed a saleswoman with compassion and resilience. It took over an hour to fit my foot! She never stopped trying. She always smiled. She was encouraging and caring. She finally brought out a Prada shoe that had panache! I loved it. Now she had to make the left shoe feel comfortable on my swollen foot! She continued taking the shoe into the back room to the stretching machine!

During this time we did not stop chattering. We laughed, and we talked about our lives. She asked if I had a career. I told her I owned a website She signed up in front of me! She told me she was a single woman who always worked. We were two mature women who bonded over a pair of Prada walking shoes! How lucky was I?

She said to me, “You are a woman with an independent spirit."

I said to her, “You are a wise woman with a resilient spirit.”

When I said that to her she looked up from my feet right into my eyes and said, “Thank you for the compliment.” And added, “Would you like me to tell you why I am resilient?”

“Yes, of course,” I replied.

Susie continued, “I have a very important five minute project that starts each day.”

“On my nightstand I keep a pen and a pad of paper.When I awake each morning, before I get out of my warm and cozy bed, I write down THREE REASONS I AM THANKFUL. This is how I start everyday of my life on a positive note. I am a resilient woman because I get out of my bed each morning realizing I am very fortunate!” 

“Susie, that’s a great suggestion! Do you mind if I tell your story on I would love to pass on your insightful message to my darlings!” 

“I would be flattered and look forward to reading the story," she said with a big smile.

We said our goodbyes and both knew we would see one another again.

As I walked to the escalator thinking about her message I physically felt my gait lighten up!

We all get caught up in the trials and tribulations of our lives. Susie’s message of each morning writing down our positive thoughts gives us the ability to put our lives in perspective when stuff happens.

On my way home I took a detour and stopped in at Papyrus and bought a beautiful journal with whimsical French women painted on the cover and a small jeweled pen.

Five minutes of writing my positive thoughts each morning is my new ritual, darlings. Why not make it yours?

Do Something GOOD a pretty jeweled pink pen and a small feminine notebook and keep a journal of your thoughts on thankfulness! It is also, the perfect gift for your child and grandchild.

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