Making New Friends After 50

Making New Friends After 50

By Susan "Honey" Good

"For a happier lifestyle ‘bee’ all you can be”


As women over 50 and beyond, we should continue to bloom and buzz; flourish, thrive and evolve, just like busy Queen bees. The last thing you want to do after age 50 is to become a boring and bored woman. There are many ways to prevent this from occurring and one is bringing cutting edge women into our lives after 50.

As I have mentioned before, I am a floater. Of course, I have my closest girlfriends, but I have never been one to plant myself in a hive of ‘busy’ bees! You know what I mean, darlings.

I feel invigorated when I meet someone new. It is a refreshing experience, with bantering usually going back and forth nonstop. It is even mysterious wondering what makes this woman tick. Is she warm hearted? Is she funny? Is she wise? Is she grounded? Can she add to my lifestyle, and on my part, can I add to hers? Do I want to pursue a friendship?

Lately, I have enjoyed the ‘buzz’ of the new women who have entered my life and what is special, the meetings were accidental happenings. I call our meetings, a happy accident…serendipity.


A Story of Making New Friends After 50


My girlfriend, Penelope, was chairing an evening event and invited her girlfriends minus husbands. Darlings, I never leave my ultimate concierge for a night on the town with girlfriends but out of friendship, my husband, Sheldon Good, and I decided it would be fine. Across the hallway from my apartment lives my very close girlfriend, Patti, whose lifestyle mirrors mine… ‘where he goes I go and visa-versa,' decided she would attend too so together we hopped into in taxi and off we went to the gala.

There were place cards at Penelope’s tables. I was seated on one side of Patti and on the other side of Patti, sat a woman I had never met. Her name, Emilie. We spoke briefly and after the event she offered Patti and I a ride home. I said goodbye to Emilie, thanked her for the ride and never gave it a thought that I would see her again. 

The nice part of our reconnecting was because of Patti. How special was that.

The next day, Patti left a book in front of our door. The author, Emilie! Then an invitation to go to a writer’s happening ‘during the day.’ At the last minute I had to cancel. Then I received an email inviting me to take a long walk with both of them. I accepted.

What prompted me to accept? That is easy.  I wanted to continue to bloom, to reach out and expand my lifestyle, to spend time with a dear friend and hope to make a new friend.

My philosophy is to never stop broadening your world. Continue to develop, to branch out, to diversify, not shrink or scale down because you are an older woman.

At the end of our 3 mile walk and non-stop enjoyable conversation, I said, “Would you like to make this a weekly event?” The response from the girls, “yes, lets.” And we have. Sometimes Patti cannot find the time and Emilee and I walk alone. We share our thoughts with never a lull in our conversation. We are similar in personality, we are both warm and open and though Emile doesn’t know it she is teaching me.  How special is that. And, next week we are going to have dinner with our ‘best beaus.’

Making new friends after 50 is stimulating. Think about being a busy bee and add some new friends to your life!

Making New Friends After 50, Part Two

This is an unbelievable story of a new relationship materializing over a conversation in a woman’s shop. It is so serendipitous. This could best be described as ‘a wonderful accidental happening.’

On a beautiful summer day, I wore a very special new top to a very special luncheon. After lunch I stopped into a woman’s specialty shop. A woman came out of her dressing room just as I walked into the shop.

We came into such close contact we could have bumped into one another. The salesman introduced us when she immediately said,

“The design on the top that you are wearing is fabulous and so special. It is a picture of Vivian Meir’s camera.

“How did you know!” I asked.

“I collect her photographs.”

 “I bought the top because I love Vivian Meir’s photographs.” I replied.

We spoke for a while and decided it would be nice to have lunch.

We parted and within a few days I heard from her inviting me to lunch at one of my favorite spots, The Arts Club.

Dear readers, lunch with Kay was special in every way. Two strangers spent a few hours with one another without one dull moment! We parted with my saying,

“I will call you for a lunch date in the near future. And we decided we would have dinner with our beaus. I am going to contact her tomorrow.

Women need women. And as importantly women over 50 should want to stay vibrant and visible.

The addition of a new woman or new friends after 50 bringing their thoughts and interests to the table can be enlightening. It has been my good fortune or call it good luck to have the addition of Emilie and Kay in my life. I am smiling.

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