Nikko Japan, 1984: My Fortune

Good Fortune

By: Honey Good

It is December 1, around 7:30 in the morning. I spritz myself with perfume, put on my lipstick, jump into my warm clothes, put on a wool cap tilting it a little to the side to create my style because it makes me feel good, throw on my coat, and wrap a scarf around my neck. I race to the elevator with my dog, Orchid for our morning walk… all the while my mind turning back in time to thirty-one years ago in Nikko, Japan.

I recall it being a warm September day in Nikko when a Buddhist monk at TOSHO-GO handed a young wife and mother from Honolulu, Hawaii a rectangular bright, orange and white sheet of paper with her fortune! That young woman was me.

Why have I saved and savored this worn sheet of now yellowed paper all these years? Why did I take it out of my ‘memory drawer’ where I guard my sacred keepsakes, on December 1?

Because, my fortune read: BEST LUCK.

I was reminded of it today because it is the first day of December and I will be married twenty-five years this December 22 to my second husband, Sheldon Good. My fortune came true!

Below are the exact words of my FORTUNE and a picture I took of it to show you!

Good Fortune



The Oracle of Tosho-Go Shrine at Nikko Teachings of the 1st Tokugawa Shogunate Arranged Into Divination Lots.

LOT 25


Adhere to the five cardinal virtues - benevolence, righteousness, propriety, intelligence, and truthfulness.

The Teaching Implies:

Humanity, Justice, Courtesy, Wisdom and Faith are the five most important principles we always have to keep in mind. Don’t worry too much about your present troubles and difficulties -- I had many at the time!  God will bless you, so far as you keep all these five principles in mind. Fortune will soon turn in your favor. (I lived up to those values!)

The Teaching is Reverently Interpreted as to Give the Following Guidance on the Matter of:  

  • Wishes: You will have your desire realized but you must adhere to yours.
  • Awaited persons: He will come.
  • Missing Property: It may be among things.
  • Traveling: You had better start so soon because you will see the world.
  • Business: You can make profits if you make a decision after due consideration.
  • Company: Be active. Keep company with everyone.
  • Direction: Northeast is very good. This direction will bring you good luck.
  • Employment: Work hard.  
  • Residence: Live within your means.
  • Birth: Easy Delivery, A baby will be born early.  
  • Disease: You will get well. Choose a good doctor. (I have survived two bouts of cancer and a car accident!)
  • MARRIAGE PROPOSAL: Your marriage will soon be arranged.
  • Money: Your unselfishness will lead you to victory.

Of course I know we are responsible for making our luck but, nevertheless, I truly believe that our lives can be fields of happiness if we make certain to see our glass half full and believe… in good fortune.

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Photography by Hallie Duesenberg

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