The Best Shopping Find - A Knowledgeable Salesperson

By: Honey Good

If you haven't yet watched the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" circa 2006 it's time to grab your daughters and granddaughters, or as I lovingly call mine, "The Grands," and get to it. 

Meryl Streep offers up a fabulous performance playing an impeccably dressed -- albeit not overly kind  -- fashion editor and the adorable Anne Hathaway plays a just-out-of-college (and just off the bus, apparently) journalist who ends up working as an assistant to Streep. One of the best scenes in the movie goes like this...

MS: "You have no style or sense of fashion?"

AH: "I think that depends on...

MS "No, that wasn't a question."

And, as the movie progresses, Hathaway comes to respect not only the importance of great style (and of finding your own as we recently discussed, darlings), but she also comes to appreciate the value of getting guidance from those in the know. No man is an island, darlings, and no fashionable woman can maintain a budget and impeccable style without expert assistance. 

Enter the sales woman. 

Trust me, you don't need a fashion editor in your back-pocket or on speed dial to stay current and on trend. A great sales woman holds the key to style nirvana... and often times to special offers and discounts that those women who eschew help in favor of self-service will never see. 

I am a very experienced shopper. I must admit that I have made my blunders. Therefore, I shop with a professional sales woman, of my choosing. And that my darlings, is your first and most important find!

This is my advice:

  • Consider a professional sales woman an investment in ‘your look.’
  • Converse with her before you solicit her advice to make certain you are on the same page.
  • Choose a person who loves her profession… a woman with enthusiasm.
  • She should engage you in conversation about your life style, your favorite colors, fabrics, etc.
  • She should be honest with her advice.
  • She should be a good finisher. Accessories are just as important as your new articles of clothing. Remember: accessories are the frosting on the cake!
  • Look at her style. Does she exude confidence?

The shop you choose matters not. It can be J Crew, Neiman Marcus, a beautiful boutique or Lululemon. Use a sales woman.

And while I'm always interested in great style, I also love to read about health, and travel and business so, not unlike Anne Hathaway, sometimes even I need the skinny on what is of the moment in fashion from an expert... enter your trusted sales woman. (Of course, I never dress based solely on trends but I like to stay in the know and decide what suits me.)

On that note, I've rounded up some fashion trends from Spring straight from the mouths of sales women in the know...

Think 1970

“The ’70s is a big trend right now,” according to Liz Atkins, a saleswoman at Green Envy boutique in Vermont. “There’s a lot of boho going on.”

Sunny Hues for Spring

“One of the ‘it” colors for spring is lemon yellow," declares stylist Sara Rogers, Mall of America’s Trend Specialist. "It looks darn good with grey, khaki, or navy, and I love how it pops with black and white.”

Gladiator sandals

Sarah Easley, one of the proprietors of Kirna Zabête in NYC, shared with Harper's Bazaar that Spring 2015 is all about the Gladiator sandal.  And how should they be worn? "With a long, full dress. I'm not 23, so I can't do it with a tiny jumpsuit, but I love the look of a long and flowy silhouette and then the gladiators going up…" 

And remember, when you find the perfect sales person share her name with your girlfriends.  After all, friends never keep style secrets from friends.

Do something GOOD today: Treat yourself to something, beautiful!

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