Explore Honey’s thoughts on inner and outer beauty and how to be a visible, beautiful older woman who carries herself confidently. Get tips and trends on makeup and skincare over 50, how to style your nails, caring for aging hair, and the best hair colors and hairstyles for older women.

Cosmetics that look designer that you can get at the drugstore

Designer or dupe? Here are some drugstore makeup finds that look like high-end products.


5 Luxurious cosmetics brands that are all natural  

Sometimes less is more right, darlings? In this case isn’t less chemicals more appealing in beauty products?


How to light up a woman’s inner beauty

How do we light up a woman’s beauty; our beauty?


Embracing oil in skincare after 50

Lets talk about the benefits of using natural oil in skincare after 50.


5 tips to slow your skin’s aging after 50

Let’s face it, we face new challenges after 50 with our skin, from a surge in dryness and sensitivity to crêpe paper texture and, of course, an increase in wrinkles, oh my!

healthy hair over 50

4 tips to keep your hair healthy after 50

Are you taking proper care of your hair for your age?

skincare routine after 50

5 things you have been doing wrong in your skincare routine

Guest contributor Nicole Noel walks readers through five things you think you’re doing right in your skincare routine that are actually mistakes.


When to throw away beauty products

Honey Good dishes on when to throw away beauty products and why it is important in many cases for effectiveness and health.


The best under eye concealers for women over 50

Honey Good talks about how to get rid of those dark circles with the under eye concealers for women over 50.


The best mineral makeup for skin after 50

Do you use trendy mineral makeup? Honey Good rounds up her picks for the best mineral makeup for skin after 50.

The Best Magnifying Mirrors

The best magnifying mirrors for women over 50

Honey Good thinks the most important tip for looking gorgeous after 50… use a magnifying mirror so that you can see what you’re doing.

Start A Conversation to Start a Friendship

Styling tools perfect for thin, aging hair

There are a lot of changes that come with aging. Honey Good discusses best styling tools for thinning hair for women over 50.


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