Explore Honey’s thoughts on inner and outer beauty and how to be a visible, beautiful older woman who carries herself confidently. Get tips and trends on makeup and skincare over 50, how to style your nails, caring for aging hair, and the best hair colors and hairstyles for older women.

Best Lipsticks

The Best Lipsticks For Women Over 50

Lipstick is a beauty must! When we’re young, it’s often all about the color of the moment but as we mature, a great lipstick needs something we already have… staying power!


Best BB Creams Over 50

The Best BB Creams For Women Over 50

This One Product Will Change Your Entire Beauty Routine. Meet the best BB Creams for women over 50.


Sleeping Tips Over 50

9 Sleeping Tips For Women Over 50

You’re spending adequate time in bed but typically wake up tired and unrested. Does this sound like you? 

Beauty Primers

The Best Primers for Women Over 50… and Why You Need One!

Today, I’m sharing the best primers for women over 50, why you need one and a giveaway!

Beauty After 50

Fall in Love with Three Life Changing Beauty Products After 50

In honor of this love-ly Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing some life-changing beauty products for those of us after 50.

Beauty after 50

Beauty After 50 on Facebook Live… and Everywhere!

Honey talks beauty after 50 and which products she truly uses every day.


Does ‘beauty’ matter to you?

Honey Good asks ‘Does feeling beautiful matter to you?’ Do you ever feel judged by the person you are on the outside?


What is your morning makeup routine?

Honey Good takes you inside her morning makeup routine and explains her process and products.


How do anti-aging beauty devices work?

Honey Good dives into how anti-aging beauty devices work and talks about some of the more popular products on the market.

anti-aging skincare products

Look for these 5 ingredients in skincare products to help fight aging

Contributor Alana Mitchell talks taking care of your skin after 50 and looking for the right anti-aging ingredients in your products.


Beauty trends for women over 50 to watch in 2018

Honey Good shares what beauty trends for women over 50 she will be following in 2018.


Honey’s 10 best beauty tips of 2017 for women over 50

Honey Good rounds up the top 10 beauty tips for women over 50 that she shared on her site in 2017.


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