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Read Honey’s most personal stories, often looking back at a life lived to the fullest, embracing joys and sorrows in equal manner and never backing down. Along the way, Honey ponders the lessons learned, reflecting on what matters most, how to let go of certain things as we grow older, and how we can continue to take chances and “make lemonade out of lemons” as confident women at 50 and beyond.

Honey Good speaks about the power of positive thoughts

The power of positive words

This morning, the effect of positive words triggered profound happiness in a body that was not feeling well.


Should we always forgive?

My musings for today: Should we always forgive? And why I think we should.


The Dreaded CAT Scan: Part 2

The most powerful approach to winning an audience of readers is through the art of storytelling, especially true stories where you know the character. In my story, The Dreaded CAT scan, I stressed the importance of being proactive in regards to your health.


The Dreaded CAT Scan

For ten years I have never missed my dreaded CAT scan appointment. Four appointments a year for three years, then two appointments a year for two years and for the last five years, one appointment a year. That means I have not missed 21 appointments. And that is why I am a cancer survivor.


Words for feelings that English can’t describe

Have you ever not been able to come up with a word? Maybe it’s because there wasn’t one.


The perfect Mother’s Day gift doesn’t cost anything

Honey Good didn’t have to think too long  about the best Mother’s Day gift her daughters had given her.


How a visit to Normandy reminded me of my love of the U.S.

Honey Good talks about her trip to Normandy and how it re-sparked her love of country. Hear why it’s an incredible learning experience for grandchildren.


Lessons from an unpredictable birthday weekend

Honey Good’s birthday served as a reminder of valuable life lessons this year. Read about her adventure and all the lessons.

Wisdom From a Mother to a Daughter

Words of wisdom passed from a mother to a daughter


Who is Sheldon Good?

Any woman who is married to a man who wears red-framed glasses is one lucky woman! Red framed glasses say a lot about a man…my man.


What does ‘holiness’ mean to you?

Honey Good talks about defining holiness and what the word means for her. She also challenges you to have conversations about holiness with family


Do you feel visible, relevant and confident after 50?

Women’s confidence after 50 may be waning, but do you feel confident and visible where it counts? Here’s how to be confident where it really matters.


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