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Read Honey’s most personal stories, often looking back at a life lived to the fullest, embracing joys and sorrows in equal manner and never backing down. Along the way, Honey ponders the lessons learned, reflecting on what matters most, how to let go of certain things as we grow older, and how we can continue to take chances and “make lemonade out of lemons” as confident women at 50 and beyond.

age gracefully

Five Essential Tools To Age Gracefully

Aging is humbling for everyone. We have to work hard at embracing aging gracefully. Today, I am sharing my perception of how we can embrace our age with aplomb, self- confidence and assurance.  These are my five essential tools to age gracefully.


Women Over 50

The Biggest Suprise Of My Life! And You Are The First To Know...

I have such big news, and I can finally share it.


finding hope

Finding Hope in Hopeless Situations

Anyone who has cared for a sick creature of any kind, from puppy to child to life partner, surely knows that when love enters the picture we find the strength to color outside of the lines, to find hope in the hopeless and to find gratitude in small blessings.


Life Lessons After 50

The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made… And The Traits That Served Me Best

A look back at what I learned from the many ups and downs of life… and how positivity and gratitude enable me to survive and thrive.

Moving After 50

What I Discovered About Moving After 50

What I learned about mastering a big move and making new friends after 50. Here’s a hint: You can do it!


I’d Rather Have Popcorn Than Cancer

Honey shares her thoughts on why a healthy lifestyle for women over 50 is a balancing act between physical well-being and emotional well being.


How to seek a new lease on life after 50

Honey Good offers tips to women on how to seek a new lease on life after 50.


Do you know how to deal with finances after the death of a spouse or partner?

Honey Good talks about the benefits of creating a focus group for women over 50.


The story behind why I stay positive and keep learning

Honey Good shares the story behind her own positivity and why she loves learning.


The benefits of being a perceptive woman over 50

Honey Good talks about her power of observation and all of the benefits this trait has brought her as a woman over 50.


How to make your own wishes come true in 2018

Honey Good talks about the keys to making your own wishes come true in 2018.


Why women over 50 should work to end bullying in 2018

Bullying is on my mind today. I am thinking of our grandchildren deal with school bullying, but also older women who face all types of bullying or are bullies.


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