Read Honey’s take on “old-age survival” and reflections on dealing with life changes – from deeply personal stories about widowhood, surviving cancer, and overcoming losses to a lighter, often humorous look at the little everyday challenges encountered by women after the age of 50, like surviving a semi-retired husband or pessimistic friends who try to drag you down, bearing with trivial problems and maintaining your sanity during the holiday season.

Bullyista Act Two

Act Two: Zelda, Geraldine, & the One and Only... Bullyista

Have the courage to take a stand against any person or situation where there is a wrong being committed. After all, you never know what good may come of it…


Peer Pressure After 50

Peer Pressure After 50: It Does Exist and You Can Make a Difference

When you do something you know is not right, can you own it?  When you are, without a doubt, the innocent party, can you forgive a close friend who does not stand up for you?


Spring Cleaning

Prioritize to Spring Clean Your Mind

It’s that time of year again… what will you be spring cleaning?

Sleeping Tips Over 50

9 Sleeping Tips For Women Over 50

You’re spending adequate time in bed but typically wake up tired and unrested. Does this sound like you? 


After 50 Look for New Opportunities to Bring You Happiness

Happiness and grace are all around us. Sometimes we just need that extra push to keep seeking them…

curious woman after 50

The Importance of Being a Curious Woman After 50

A curious woman is eager to know and eager to learn; she is intrigued and inquisitive…


Five Ways to Make New Friendships After 50

Women need other women, and women need friendship, especially after 50. Follow my tips for reaching out to others, and I know you will be welcomed.


How to Survive Big Challenges After 50

There will always be unexpected challenges that pop up; sometimes pleasantly surprising and other times testing us. During the month of January my delicious dog, Orchid, and I faced some of these challenges. However, with love, devotion, and adaptability we met them head on as Orchid learned to talk to me and I learned her doggy language.


Crave hearty foods? Here are tips to keep it healthy

Contributor Irina Fursman says you don’t have to go without the heartiness of food to keep it healthy.


How to stop feeling exhausted by family and friends

Honey Good talks about why some of your relationships may be exhausting you and what you can do about it.


Why January is a good time to make more room for what you love

Honey Good talks about the mental exercise of doing “clean out projects” and making room for more of what makes you happy as a woman over 50.


How to pamper your pooch this winter

Honey Good talks about products that help in caring for dogs in the winter including some of her favorites for Orchid Good!


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