Read Honey’s take on “old-age survival” and reflections on dealing with life changes – from deeply personal stories about widowhood, surviving cancer, and overcoming losses to a lighter, often humorous look at the little everyday challenges encountered by women after the age of 50, like surviving a semi-retired husband or pessimistic friends who try to drag you down, bearing with trivial problems and maintaining your sanity during the holiday season.

Your time to take chances and make changes is after 50

Honey Good discusses making changes after 50.


How fairies brought me comfort and hope this week

Honey Good runs into some like-minded fairy lovers and derived strength from her encounters.


What to consider when buying luggage

Here’s what you should be asking yourself when you’re in the market for luggage.


How to react when faced with adversity after 50

Honey Good discusses her own steps for facing adversity and why it is crucial to try to see your situation through a positive lens later in life.


Acknowledging the daily hard work of women

Honey Good contributor Akaisha Kaderli traveled to Taiwan and found a very familiar story, hardworking women supporting their families.


Tips on packing and what to never leave home without

Honey Good talks about how to pack and gives tips on what to bring along for your adventures.


When did you first feel ‘old?’

This is all a matter of perspective, but when did you first feel old?


The joys of simplicity: Why less is more

The art of simplicity takes discipline because there is so much at our fingertips.


The importance of advocates during medical procedures

Today, darlings I have a lesson I want to share with you. It absolutely saved my life in my early 40s. The lesson: you must have an advocate, at every age and especially after the age of 50 by your side when you have surgery.


The Dreaded CAT Scan: Part 2

The most powerful approach to winning an audience of readers is through the art of storytelling, especially true stories where you know the character. In my story, The Dreaded CAT scan, I stressed the importance of being proactive in regards to your health.


Focus on focusing: Tips for getting organized this fall

At the beginning of September, darlings, I wrote about using fall as a time to organize and get focused. Well it’s now the beginning of October…have you started?


The Dreaded CAT Scan

For ten years I have never missed my dreaded CAT scan appointment. Four appointments a year for three years, then two appointments a year for two years and for the last five years, one appointment a year. That means I have not missed 21 appointments. And that is why I am a cancer survivor.


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