Read Honey’s take on “old-age survival” and reflections on dealing with life changes – from deeply personal stories about widowhood, surviving cancer, and overcoming losses to a lighter, often humorous look at the little everyday challenges encountered by women after the age of 50, like surviving a semi-retired husband or pessimistic friends who try to drag you down, bearing with trivial problems and maintaining your sanity during the holiday season.

The benefits of travel after 50

Does travel figure into your retirement plan? Here are some of the many benefits to travel after 50.


What to get your grandchildren for the holidays

A gift does NOT need to be expensive to be perfect for your grandchild.


Why women should keep setting new goals and taking on new challenges after 50

Honey Good talks about taking on new challenges and setting new goals after 50 and how she has lived that herself recently.


Be proactive: Are you vaccinated for shingles?

Honey Good shares her personal story of being vaccinated for shingles and introduces the new shingles vaccine.


Finding answers to a hard question in a labyrinth

How Honey Good lived into an answer to a hard question in a labyrinth.


Listen: Honey Good shares how she survived widowhood

Listen to Honey Good speak on her journey through widowhood.


Lessons learned by a seasoned traveler on a terrible return trip

Even as a seasoned traveler I learned some travel tips about how to handle your luggage from a recent bad flight home.


Fun and games: An idea for your next party or gathering


From Self-Employment to Retirement – Making the Move After Working for Yourself

Of course, the ability to retire starts here.


Your time to take chances and make changes is after 50

Honey Good discusses making changes after 50.


How fairies brought me comfort and hope this week

Honey Good runs into some like-minded fairy lovers and derived strength from her encounters.


What to consider when buying luggage

Here’s what you should be asking yourself when you’re in the market for luggage.


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