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Read Honey’s stories and musings on the importance of creating new beginnings for ourselves as we age while welcoming the new chapters life writes for us. These pages of Honey’s Diary span from the adventures of traveling over 50, embracing our changing bodies, and accepting new family dynamics to learning new things, transitioning into retirement and finding a new sense of purpose as women after 50.

hooked on adventure

How I got hooked on adventure

Contributor Akaisha Kaderli recounts the amazing trip across the United States that got her hooked on adventure.


Weekly Wrap Up: The site got a makeover!

Here’s what happened at this week!


Wrapping Up This Week + A Note On Visibility

I hope everyone had a great week and is enjoying their weekend! Today, I want to sum up what went on over here at Honey Good this past week!


My greatest gift to myself is taking chances

Do you take chances in your everyday life?


Weekly review: My first podcast and getting organized

This was a busy busy week here at


Are you a hidden hero?

Fall is an excellent time for self-reflection. With summer festivities ending, leaves changing and grandchildren well into their next school year, I find myself with more time to think and simply be with myself.


A fierce woman is a visible woman

Today, my mind is preoccupied with two positive words: “fierce” and “visible.” Many women over 50, question their visibility. I can help you feel visible by introducing a new word into your vocabulary: fierce.


Organize and focus this fall

Honey Good talks about why you should take the fall to organize and focus.


Accepting a compliment: Unexpected attention in Mexico

Contributor Akaisha Kaderli shares a story about accepting a compliment after 50, a really big one.


Do you feel visible, relevant and confident after 50?

Women’s confidence after 50 may be waning, but do you feel confident and visible where it counts? Here’s how to be confident where it really matters.

lifestyles after retirement

Four lifestyles women live in retirement and how they affect happiness

Happiness after retirement takes work. Which common lifestyle you choose affects your happiness.

Things I STILL Give A Damn About

Things I STILL Give a Damn About

Honey Good has many things she still gives a damn about as she ages, in direct contrast to what men DON’T give a damn about anymore.


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