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Read Honey’s stories and musings on the importance of creating new beginnings for ourselves as we age while welcoming the new chapters life writes for us. These pages of Honey’s Diary span from the adventures of traveling over 50, embracing our changing bodies, and accepting new family dynamics to learning new things, transitioning into retirement and finding a new sense of purpose as women after 50.

Week in review: New and meaningful experiences

Honey Good goes over what you may have missed this week on the site!


Weekly wrap up: Be grateful, take chances and look fabulous

Honey Good talks about all the advice on this week and how to make the most of your life after 50.


Your time to take chances and make changes is after 50

Honey Good discusses making changes after 50.


The value of taking risks

Honey Good contributor Akaisha Kaderli talks about the value of taking risks and the danger in playing things too safe.


Weekly review: Finding strength and words to live by

Honey recounts all that has happened this week on


Reader Recommendations: What you should be reading right now

Honey Good readers weigh in on books to consider reading this fall.


Week-in-review: Surround yourself with strong women

Honey Good reviews all of what happened on including the introduction of Honey’s sisterhood.


Week in review: Travel on my mind

Honey Good gives you an inside look at what happened on this week.


What are your favorite books for fall?

What are you reading this fall?


Weekly Wrap-up: Age is just a number!

Honey Good talks about the week at

hooked on adventure

How I got hooked on adventure

Contributor Akaisha Kaderli recounts the amazing trip across the United States that got her hooked on adventure.


Wrapping Up This Week + A Note On Visibility

I hope everyone had a great week and is enjoying their weekend! Today, I want to sum up what went on over here at Honey Good this past week!


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