New Chapters

Read Honey’s stories and musings on the importance of creating new beginnings for ourselves as we age while welcoming the new chapters life writes for us. These pages of Honey’s Diary span from the adventures of traveling over 50, embracing our changing bodies, and accepting new family dynamics to learning new things, transitioning into retirement and finding a new sense of purpose as women after 50.

Feeling Lucky

The Buzz: I'm Feeling Lucky

This St. Patricks’s Day has me feeling especially lucky and grateful… for all of you!


Worry Free Housing 1

Worry-Free Housing

From our perspective, we have the best of both worlds. Here’s why…


The Buzz: From Bullying to Books, Life After 50 is Never Dull!

My week was a whirlwind…and I loved it! I hope yours was, too. I do believe that after 50, staying active and curious is a must! Do you?

Fresh Start

The Buzz: A Fresh Start on the Horizon

From finding hope in hopeless situations to starting to think about spring wardrobe accessories, this week my honey bees and I covered it all!

Natural Beauty Overseas

What Does it Really Take to Move Overseas?

In preparing for a retirement overseas, most people only occupy themselves with practical concerns. And while these topics are important, there is so much more to consider…

New Day Comes New Strength

The Buzz: New Day, New Strength, New Thoughts and a NEW Giveaway

Each day is a chance to reflect on past experiences, mistakes, and what we’ve learned along the way, only to make today the best it can be… 

Retirement Not Rocket Science

Retirement is Not Rocket Science

Contrary to popular belief, preparing for retirement or financial independence is not that difficult…

Dynamic Women

The Buzz: We are Dynamic Women Over 50

Being a woman over 50 is a wonderful privilege. We are at such a dynamic age, and this week that was more evident to me than ever…


Retiring for Less

Some say it’s impossible, but we don’t give up luxury, nor do we deprive ourselves. Read these tips on retiring for less…


Feeling Your Best: My Personal Tips and Tricks

This week I took some time to reflect on some tips and tricks to help me improve my own habits, create new friendships, and always feel confident!


The Buzz: Fake News and Fashion Make Fascinating Bedfellows

Happy February, Darlings! It’s been another busy, but wonderful, week for me, filled with delicious food, bold styles, and new challenges. I hope the same can be said for you!


The Buzz: Could you eat like an Olympian?

Honey Good shares with you the most interesting news and facts they found this week.


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