Read the entries of Honey’s Diary where she explores the long-term and daily journeys of relationships over 50. From love and marriage after 50, relationships with adult children and grandchildren, to blended families and friendships old and new, all the while nurturing the most important relationship of all – the one with ourselves – so we can stay confident and visible as we grow older.

Who are you grateful for? Have you said 'thank you?'

There are family and friends and then there’s everyone else who helps you through your day…Who helps you?


Why taking the high road is always best

Honey Good talks about taking the high road and why it’s always the best choice even when it’s a challenging choice.


The importance of making time for friends

Are you putting enough effort into your friendships?


How a grandmother and grandson are ‘bridging the gap’

My grandson Robbie and I were asked to write on “bridging the gap” between generations and honestly it’s easy for us. We communicate on a regular basis and that keeps us close.


Should we always forgive?

My musings for today: Should we always forgive? And why I think we should.


The importance of advocates during medical procedures

Today, darlings I have a lesson I want to share with you. It absolutely saved my life in my early 40s. The lesson: you must have an advocate, at every age and especially after the age of 50 by your side when you have surgery.


My quest for the perfect planner and system for paperwork

I am a fluid woman; free flowing. I am a persistent woman, I carry on. However, there is a third quality I believe a woman needs in her arsenal, consistency.


How to choose the right person to ask for help

I ask for help and in turn, I return my help. I couldn’t get through life without reaching out when I need help.


Technology after 50: My relationship with computers

Which leads me to an important observation: Relationships come in many forms. And relationships are not always about people. But they all have one thing in common:  Emotional involvement.


What do your grandchildren call you?

If you’re a bit more experienced and have seen a grandchild grow up, then you probably know that “grandma” and “grandpa” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue of a cooing baby.


How to make friends with whom you “click” after 50

Honey Good recounts her experiences on connecting with girlfriends and offers advice on making friends you click with after 50.


The rules of GOOD conversation

Conversation is what makes and breaks relationships. Though we are women over 50, we can continue to learn the rules of good conversation.


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