Read Honey’s thoughts on what makes women have style over 50 years of age: the right attitude towards life and confidence in who they are. Get practical and trendy advice on fashion for women over 50, including dresses, tops, jeans, fashion accessories, and comfortable (but stylish!) older women’s shoes. Plus, enjoy Honey’s tips on style at home, from home décor to mastering the art of entertaining.

Rainy Day

These Shoes Are The Silver Lining To Rainy Days

These boots are made for walking… in the rain!


Blue Clutch

Who Wants To Get "In The Bag" With Me?

Today, I am sharing a look at some of my favorite clutches for your spring wardrobe. Here’s a hint: they are just the right size and are sure to make a statement!



The Best Trench Coats for Women Over 50

I don’t care what they say about that d*mn groundhog and his darn shadow… spring is in the air, darlings!

Red Dress After 50

Do You Dare Embrace Your Sexy This Valentine’s Day?

The red dress is timeless. Sexy. Ageless. Don’t you agree?


Looking Back On A Year, With Style

Today, I am reminiscing about my year in style with a roundup of my very favorite looks… the ones that made me smile. Plus, some thoughts about what my most favorite,  fashionable ensembles have taught me about style after 50 and feeling confident at every age.


Get my look: Statement earrings

Honey Good talks about her favorite statement earrings to accessorize with.


Four ways to wear sweaters this winter

Are you bored of your sweaters already this winter? Here are some fresh styles and ways to wear them.


Kick up your heels with some embellishment

Honey Good talks about her embellished heels and how she has started to see the trend all over.


Hats you need to beat the cold spell

Honey Good talks about beating the Chicago cold with her favorite hats and stylish winter hats for women over 50.


Hair trends for women over 50 to try in 2018

Honey Good gives her top picks for hairstyles for women over 50 in 2018.


Get my look: Two fashion problems solved with one product

Honey Good talks about one of her most utilized pieces in her wardrobe: her bodysuits.


Fashion: What’s old is new again

If you are a woman over 50 you have probably amassed quite a few favorite items. Here are the clothes that are back in style from previous eras.


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