Read Honey’s thoughts on what makes women have style over 50 years of age: the right attitude towards life and confidence in who they are. Get practical and trendy advice on fashion for women over 50, including dresses, tops, jeans, fashion accessories, and comfortable (but stylish!) older women’s shoes. Plus, enjoy Honey’s tips on style at home, from home décor to mastering the art of entertaining.

Why you should consider wearing fishnets after 50

Honey Good loves fishnets and thinks there’s plenty of ways for women over 50 to wear them.


How to embrace the velvet trend for fall and winter

Do you have velvet in your closet? If not it’s time to add it.


How to incorporate the floral trend into your fall fashion

This fall there is no need to stash away all your clothes with feminine floral prints, dear readers. While flowers seem more appropriate for the warmer days of spring and summer, florals are trending for the fall and there are plenty of fun and unexpected ways to let them blossom in your look this season.


Style Watch: Why navy and white is always right!

Honey Good discusses her favorite ways to style navy and white.


7 Fall trends for women over 50

Honey Good goes over fall trends for women over 50 and how to implement them into your wardrobe.


How to enhance your style after 60 – Inside and Out


Save or splurge: Get my looks for less

Honey Good offers tips on how to get some of her fashion for less. Check out how to copy some of her signature styles.


How to preserve treasured fashion pieces

Maintaining vintage clothing is important if you want to keep wearing your favorite fashions again and again. Honey Good shares some tips for the practice.


Style staple: White shirts after 50

My white shirts are the most important pieces of clothing I own—and white shirts after 50 are wardrobe staples.


Style staples for women over 50

Honey Good shares some some fashion staples for women to stay in style after 50.


Is it important to dress your age?

What does dressing your age really mean? Should older women do it? Honey ponders contrasting opinions and gives her own advice.

How to take care of your inner and outer style after 50

What to avoid in your style after 50

As far as I am concerned  ‘older is the new black.’


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