Self-improvement after 50

Should women have it all figured out once they reach 50 years of age? Absolutely not! New challenges get thrown at us along with old, lingering ones. We must take them all in strides, as opportunities to keep growing. In these pages, Honey Good shares the lessons she’s learning as she gets older and how life after 50 might just be the best time for a woman’s self-improvement.

Your time to take chances and make changes is after 50

Honey Good discusses making changes after 50.


Why women over 50 should stay curious

Honey Good discusses her own curiosity and why it is vital to maintain your curiosity after 50.


How to react when faced with adversity after 50

Honey Good discusses her own steps for facing adversity and why it is crucial to try to see your situation through a positive lens later in life.


Week in review: Travel on my mind

Honey Good gives you an inside look at what happened on this week.


What are your favorite books for fall?

What are you reading this fall?


Should we always forgive?

My musings for today: Should we always forgive? And why I think we should.


My quest for the perfect planner and system for paperwork

I am a fluid woman; free flowing. I am a persistent woman, I carry on. However, there is a third quality I believe a woman needs in her arsenal, consistency.


Focus on focusing: Tips for getting organized this fall

At the beginning of September, darlings, I wrote about using fall as a time to organize and get focused. Well it’s now the beginning of October…have you started?


How to choose the right person to ask for help

I ask for help and in turn, I return my help. I couldn’t get through life without reaching out when I need help.


A fierce woman is a visible woman

Today, my mind is preoccupied with two positive words: “fierce” and “visible.” Many women over 50, question their visibility. I can help you feel visible by introducing a new word into your vocabulary: fierce.


Organize and focus this fall

Honey Good talks about why you should take the fall to organize and focus.


The rules of GOOD conversation

Conversation is what makes and breaks relationships. Though we are women over 50, we can continue to learn the rules of good conversation.


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