Darlings, let’s talk about the five pairs of shoes women over 50 MUST have in their closets, shall we? With a heavy travel itinerary on the horizon, I’m curating my best sartorial choices while keeping in mind that I will be doing plenty of walking, sightseeing, dinners out and beyond. These five pairs  of shoes for women over 50 can get you by on just about any occasion.

Take it from a woman who has had her fair share of foot surgeries and injuries… just because you make smart choices doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Shoes for women over 50

Animal Print Flats

Time to get wild, darlings. Animal print flats are a must and I consider them a “staple” for your shoe wardrobe.

How to wear them? That’s even wilder… think of Animal Print as a neutral, which is to say it can be mixed with anything, including other prints, patterns, colors, et al. In short, go wild when it comes to mixing and matching these flats with your wardrobe for an end look that is both chic and modern.

Jimmy Choo Leopard Print Flats, $595. Get them here.


Booties are a new classic. They can be worn in all seasons and with any manner of apparel. Wear them during spring with shorts + skirts. It’s fall and winter that really illustrate the work-horse like prowess of booties. Pair your favorite booties with rolled up jeans, leggings and even cuffed trousers. Or wear them with a maxi-dress or skirt and sweater.

The Petty Bootie from Sam Edelman; get it here for $99.95!



Peep Toe Wedges

What’s as sexy as a high heel, and practically seasonless? Why  a peep toe wedge of course, darlings.

The “peep” allows for a pop of color via a peek at well-manicured toes. Wedges, which can be found in a variety of heel heights, depending on how comfortable you are in shoes with some height, provide much of what so many women love about heels but in a more practical design.

Lucky Brand’s Jakobie Bootie can be found here for $139!

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are simply a must! If you can only purchase one pair, I recommend nude. Perfect for traveling and unbelievably comfortable (if you get the right pair), nude ballet flats will be your go–to shoe. It’s the shoe that truly goes with everything in your wardrobe and saves your style when no other shoe will do.

Tod’s Leather Ballet Flats can be found here for $625!


There are so many stylish sneakers on the market now-a-days. And sneakers with style do not need to be less practical or less supportive and comfortable.

Fit and support are clearly key, but there’s no need to eschew style when it comes to sneakers.

Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers can be found here for $49!

I would love to hear what shoes you swear by (and where you purchased them, of course)! You can comment below or find me on FacebookTwitter and even… Instagram. Let’s chat!

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